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Serpent S811 Cobra 1/8 4wd buggy The ultimate competition racing buggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA. 4wd, 3 small diffs, 4-shoe race clutch, 16mm bigbore shocks, carbon shocktowers/radioplate, shaped alu suspension holders, angled front steering, low design brake, high quality spring steel and very durable anodised alu parts and lots more, see the details in description and image gallery. Superlow center of gravity, superb weight balance front to back and left to right, lightweight car, superstrong. The kit includes car, clear body, rear wing, decal and full color manual. Tyres, wheels and radio-gear are not included. The full package to compete in high end racing, finish finals and win !

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Sweden: Michael Iregren joins Team Serpent Cobra (2012/02/21)


Hi Michael,.
Q: What is your profession ?
A: I´m a service advisor at an authorized Ford/Mazda workshop
Q: Whats is your age ?
A: 38
Q: when did you start RC and with which car ?
A: I started in 1995, first competition was with a Kyosho
Q: which car will you run this summer ?
A: I will run the Cobra 811 Buggy , and test the new Cobra GT model (no official class in Sweden)
Q: which races do you plan to attend ?
A: All major Swedish events and the Nordic Championships
Q: which brand engine, tyres and electronics you use ?
A: I will run Novarossi engines , AKA/Sweep...

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13-01-12Billy Easton TQ's and wins Buggy and Truggy Alabama race
11-01-12Italy: Rick Acciari joins Team Serpent Cobra
21-12-11Italy: Padova Dirt Report by Bernard Durand / Bacro
06-12-11Interview with Jonathan Bacro, Team Serpent Cobra
04-12-11Team: Stephane Deroch (FR) with Serpent Cobra 811B and Be
01-12-11Team: Jonathan Bacro joins Team Serpent Cobra
21-11-11USA: Easton wins 2011 FORCE Series Florida,
08-11-11Rc Pro National Finals Race
08-11-11Korea: Jang Hyung Wook takes 3rd place at the Kyosho Off Road Nitro Championship
07-11-11South Island Championship
30-10-11Spain: Garcia with Cobra Buggy wins Madrid Champs 2011
30-10-11Chile: Easton Vice-Champion in FAMAR Buggy 2011
26-10-11Chile: Billy Easton wins Truggy 2011 FAMAR
16-10-11Spain: Garcia with Cobra Buggy 2nd in Spain Nats !
10-10-11Ukraine: Serpent 811 buggy win by Andrej Talalov
10-10-11Malaysia: Chili Lim / Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy wins Team-C Cup
02-10-11Italy: Billy Easton TQ and wins NovaRossi Buggy Cup in Italy
02-10-11Sweden: Interview with Michael Nilsson with S411
01-10-11Easton TQ at NR-Challenge in Italy ahead of Bianchi, Perin and Battle
28-09-11Italy: Billy Easton attends NovaRossi Buggy Cup in Italy
11-09-11Spain: Serpent Cobra takes 1st and 3rd place
06-09-11Brasil: Heitor Nogueira Vice-Champion 2011 in Buggy with Cobra
23-08-11Serpent takes win at the Rc Freak Offroad Raceway Philippines
21-07-111/8 OFF ROAD Center Regional Championship Portugal
09-07-11FEMCA 2011, Easton racing started
09-07-11FEMCA 2011 Buggy, Final : Easton with Cobra on podium in 2nd
30-06-11FEMCA 2011 Buggy: Easton for Serpent in Malaysia; race and suppport
25-06-11USA, AMS offroad: good results for CobraB and T
15-06-11Jordan Go Wins Philippines GP Buggy Nationals
09-06-11EFRA EC-B Lyon 1/8 offroad 2011 getting started
30-05-11South Korea: Top-driver Kang joins Team Serpent Cobra offroad
22-05-11Alberto García TQ's and Win 3rd CARTT Championship 2011 Spain
12-05-11Spain: Garcia flying with Serpent Cobra
24-04-11NEO UK 2011: Easton in 19th and Brunsberg in 39th overall
18-04-11Neo 2011: Serpent Cobra in action
05-04-11USA: JP takes TQ and victory in FSS with Serpent Cobra
30-03-11Portugal: Luis wins 1st Serpent / RRF Trophy-Series with Cobra
28-03-11French mag RC Racing Cars, report on Cobra S811 Buggy
14-03-11Brasil: NOGUEIRA with Cobra wins 2nd round of Sao Paolo Champs
28-02-11Clemen Pancho wins First Philippine Masters with Serpent S811 Cobra
23-02-11Sweden: new offroad talent Kennie Ekenstierna runs Serpent Cobra
22-02-11Sweden: Michael Nilsson joins Team Serpent Cobra
20-02-11USA: Motorama: Easton with Cobra TQ's buggy and truggy
09-02-11USA: JP Tirronen joins Team Serpent Cobra buggy
07-02-11Malaysia: another TQ and full podium for Serpent Cobra
01-02-11Tim McKay wins JQ Products Xmas Bash in Brisbane Australia
31-01-11Philippines: Serpent Cobra tops podium in SANWA 2011 Cup
23-01-11USA CRCRC race: Easton 3rd in Amain Buggy with Cobra
22-01-11USA CRCR race: saturday qualifying
20-01-11USA CRCRC-race: thursday: Billy reports
18-01-11USA: CRCRC Nitro race: Easton joins in with Serpent Cobra
18-01-11France: Vincent Chezville joined by Dan Robin to run Serpent Cobra
16-01-11Malaysia: Victory for Serpent Cobra - Lee
02-01-11Malaysia : Roy JJ with Serpent Cobra takes the Title TT Cup.
27-12-10Malaysia: again success for Serpent Cobra
21-12-10Spain: Adrian Perez joins Team Cobra
20-12-10Portugal; victory for Luis with Cobra in 1st race
16-12-10WC offroad: Eastons report on Thailand
14-12-10USA: Easton reports: J-Concepts Clash
12-12-10Team: Top-driver Alberto Garcia from Spain joins Team Serpent Conbra
09-12-10Team: Rodrigo Luis from Portugal joins Team Serpent Cobra
22-11-10Serpent Cobra radiobox V2 is shipping
22-11-10Brasil: Heitor wins Nitrocross Series with Serpent Cobra
21-11-10Team: Vanrell joins Team Serpent Cobra
17-11-10WC offroad: Serpent Cobra Final report
13-11-10WC offroad : Easton with Cobra reaches 5th place in the main final , great finish
13-11-10WC offroad: Easton moves up tot the semi-final
13-11-10WC offroad: Easton moves up to Main final in 5th.
12-11-10WC offroad: Results after the last round of qualifying at the WC offroad at the Pattaya track
11-11-10Last day of qualifying report for the WC offroad from Pattaya thailand
10-11-10WC offroad: Serpent Cobra drivers
09-11-10World Championships 1/8 offroad Pattaya Thailand
09-11-10Brasil; Serpent Cobra win in Nitrocross
09-11-10WC offroad: Easton in top 20 after 2 heats
08-11-10France: Rodriguez wins GP Pierrefeu with Serpent Cobra
07-11-10WC Buggy: Thailand a go go
03-11-10WC buggy: Easton/ Cobra ready to rock
02-11-10WC buggy: Brunsberg / Serpent Cobra with new radiobox, is ready to go
01-11-10Team Cobra France: Nicolas Rodriguez
18-10-10Serpent Cobra: shocks in action
18-10-10Brasil: 4th Round Nitrocross Cup in São Paulo - victory for Cobra
17-10-10China: Serpent Cobra in 2nd place, Beijing race 1/8
05-10-10Team: interview with Serpent Cobra racer Niclas Brunsberg from Sweden
04-10-10Germany: Brunsberg on podium with Cobra in 1st race
24-09-10Team Sweden: Niclas Brunsberg joins Team Serpent Cobra
23-09-10Argentina: perfect score for Colombo with Cobra-S811 on his 3-rd consecutive victory
19-09-10France: good result for J. Bacro with Serpent Cobra again
16-09-10Serpent Cobra S811: new radio-box - upgrade set
12-09-10Sweden: young talent David Hassel runs Serpent Cobra in 2011
07-09-10USA: Florida region 4 Champs, Serpent Cobra dominates
07-09-10Alvaro Colombo and the Cobra strike again in Argentina
31-08-10Australia; David Simms TQ-s and wins AKA cup with Serpent Cobra
23-08-10Germany: Simon with Cobra takes 4th place in 1st round Nats
22-08-10Argentina: Serpent S-811 scores a great victory at the Metropolitan Champ
19-08-10Derek McCloskey joins Serpent Off Road team
19-08-10USA: development of Serpent Cobra GT 1/8
17-08-10France: Jonathan Bacro joins Team Serpent with Cobra
16-08-10France: Jonathan Bacro with the Cobra on podium.
08-08-10Roar State Series Race Held at Hobby Hut in Audubon PA
04-08-103rd Round Brazilian Nitrocross Cup
16-07-10Tech-tip: servo's in 1/8 offroad
16-07-10France: Vincent Chezville runs Serpent Cobra
14-07-10Swiss: Dominique Gross joins Team Serpent with Cobra
08-07-10Serpent Cobra, tech-tip
08-07-10EC 1/8 buggy: Easton supports Cobra racers
06-07-10EC 1/8 offroad, Portugal; its a go !
30-06-10USA: offroad Nats: Easton reports
30-06-10Oliver Simon joins Team Serpent
29-06-10Spain: Porcar takes podium with Cobra
27-06-10Spain: Serpent Cobra show
23-06-10USA: offroad Nats Arizona; practise
23-06-10USA: Time schedule Nats offroad
22-06-10Norway: Serpent Cobra of Morten Thorkildsen claims podium
21-06-10Derek Weatherholt joins Team Offroad Serpent America
05-06-10USA: AMS buggy race: 2 Cobra in Amain
31-05-10Brasil: intro of Serpent Cobra by Heitor Nogueira
26-05-10Serpent S811 Cobra: now shipping
16-05-10USA: Serpent Cobra 1,2,3 in quali and 1,2 in main
05-05-10USA: Easton wins 1st Pro-Series race in FL with Cobra
02-05-10Germany: Serpent Cobra fast at Oberhausen track
26-04-10USA: Josh Talmadge tests Serpent Cobra and wins
12-04-10Neo-2010: Easton reports
12-04-10USA: Easton wins FSS round 6 with Cobra
05-04-10Neo 2010: Easton in A-Main final with Cobra
04-04-10Neo 2010; qualifying
03-04-10Neo 2010: Easton in 22nd after 3 rounds
02-04-10Neo 2010: practise
18-03-10Neo 2010: Billy Easton confirmed with Serpent Cobra 1/8
18-03-10Serpent Cobra S811: wall-papers
22-02-10Neobuggy Interview with Billy Easton on the Cobra
18-02-10Easton with Cobra at Dirt Nitro Challenge
21-01-10Easton wins 1st race with Serpent Cobra S811, USA
21-01-10Serpent S811 Cobra, 1/8 buggy, intro part 4
07-01-10Serpent S811 Cobra, 1/8 buggy, intro part 3
28-12-09Serpent, 1/8 buggy intro, part 2
22-12-09Intro Serpent 1/8 buggy project with Billy Easton