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> Serpent SRX8-E Pro 1/8 4wd (#600021)

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Electric Cars > 1/8 offroad

The driving force in a race cars success is determined by those willing to back it. Serpent has worked tirelessly to improve, innovate and produce the best Remote Control cars this planet has seen. We strive to produce the highest quality parts, using nothing short of the best materials money can buy. The SRX8-E has been an extremely successful platform for the brand, but now itís time to take it to the next level. We are extremely proud to present the next level of innovation utilizing many new parts produced for the SRX8 line of cars. The new SRX8-E Pro kit will be nothing short of a dirt slinging, fast lap time producing machine. With the new combination of parts, itís easier than ever to drive, while still producing wicked fast lap times. Without further a due, letís talk all things SRX8-E

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Serpent SRX8e PRO is shipping!! (2019/11/28)


Our latest racing buggy platform is electric powered. Based on our innovative and fast SRX8 PRO GP buggy, the SRX8e PRO brings eBuggy racing to a higher level with more traction, easier to drive and better lap times!

Key features:
-          New Large Volume Differentials and oversized gears
-          New Ball Bearing Raced Steering Rack, Steering System
-          New Inclined Caster Blocks and Steering Spindles
-          New Plus 15mm Super Tough Wing Mount

The state of the art SRX8e PRO will ship from the factory December 2nd.


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