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> Cobra GT 3.1 1/8 EP (#600051)

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Electric cars > 1/8 onroad

Serpent Cobra GT 3.1 1/8 EP Serpent introduces the updated version of the Cobra GTE. The Cobra GT is a very popular choice in this class with superb performance and being known as a very durable car too. Time to add some extra refinement. The Cobra GT is sensitive on the shock-angle and position both front and rear and that have been fine-tuned even more. The new version aluminum shock extensions in the front and rear are a bit longer than before, as testing showed a good increase in handling. The new super-durable carbon fibre shocktowers and new upper hardcoated alu shockmounts make things perfect. The Cobra GT 3.1 version gets the most popular shock springs as standard, and same goes for the ball raced anti-roll bars and shock and diff oils.

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