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> Serpent SRX8 Truggy-E 1/8 4wd EP (#600064)

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Electric Cars > 1/8 offroad

After the introduction of the long awaited SRX8-T, Serpent shifted into high gear, and prepared to complete the entire 1/8th line with the SRX8-T Electric. Transforming the Nitro version into an E version in a short time was nothing short of our highest priority. Take the best Nitro Truggy we have ever developed, and go electric. Retain all the key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry, we feel this all new E Truggy is built for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing this all new E truggy exceeded all expectations we have set forth. Not only did this all new E truggy out perform its predecessor, it annihilated it. It was faster, more durable, easier to drive and straight up vicious on the race track. Without Further a due, letís get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T Electric.

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