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> S811E batterystrap carbon (2) (#600682)

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> Description

Serpent introduces  an Upgrade-set for drivers that use the Cobra Buggy -e , Cobra GT-e and soon the Truggy-e.

The set is aimed at the hard-core racer, that wants to reduce weight, reduce flex and have faster access to the various segments of the car.

The set includes a nicely machined aluminum servo holder, a carbon fibre speedo mount plate, a carbon fibre diff-cover with alu top-spacer, and 2 x  2.25mm carbon fibre battery-braces, which allow the use of slightly thicker Lipo packs too. The alu antenna mount tops it off.

The carbon battery-braces are also available separate.

Although the Cobra e-buggy is alreay one the the lighter cars in the market, to reduce more weight, some drivers will drill many holes in the battery holders to loose some more grams. Some more weight saving option parts can be found in the optional section of each car in the Serpent website.