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> Wing lexan HD with gurney 1/8 (#600840)

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> Description

600840   Wing-set 1/8 offroad polycarbonate ( precut)

Serpent introduces this Billy Easton designed rear polycarbonate wing for 1/8 buggies and truggies.

The strong 1mm clear polycarbonate wing  has large sideflaps for stability, maximum surface for the wing itself with 7 fins / ribs  to add to the stability of the wing with a lowered left and right section with additional ribbing to guide the air towards the side-dams and guerney  for added downforce and stability.

The wing comes with a seperate clear polycarbonate center section which bolts on the main wing with 2 screws in the top ( which keep the gurney down if applied ) and  wit the 2 wing button-screws . The use of the center section is optional, but adds stability and downforce if needed.  

The supplied composite  guerney can be bolted on the main wing to gain more downforce. Its bolts to the main wing with 4 screws.

The whole wing comes pre-cut  and only needs simple assembly.  Hardware included.