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> Overdrive diff gear set 43/13 SRX8 (#600892)

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> Description

600892  Overdrive diff gear set 43/13 SRX8
600893  Overdrive diff pinion 13T SRX8
600894  Overdrive diff gear 43T SRX8

Serpent releases the overdrive gear-pinion set for the Cobra SRX8 range of cars.

The pinion and gear are made in superhard precision machined steel and coated for protection.

Billy Easton:
The 13/43 overdrive gears are to be utilized in the front Gear box of the SRX8 series vehicles. By using this gears set you will notice increases steering response when entering into the corners. It has also been noted that you can increase your center diff fluid viscosity 3-5k and also notice a potential increase in acceleration.

This gear set in the correct condition can yield improved lap times and corner speed. Its a great tuning option for a driver that likes a car with a more " free " feeling.