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> Wishbone RR L+R V2 SRX8 (#600895)

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> Description

The updated arms feature a 3rd hole to allow another shock angle position and another mounting hole for the uprights enabling running a "short" or "long" arm . The other features remain, a very strong rear lower arms with the possibility to use the top and bottom plate, run without plates, or just with upper or lower ones, and same again for the optional carbon insert plates. Many ways to select the right flex you need for your set-up.  The top and bottom moulded inserts come standard with the arms.

This change also needed another grubscrew hole to allow for securing the shock-pin in position, so also the bottom moulded and carbon plate needed a small change. If you still jhave inserts you can quite easily update them by yourselves.

The updated arms come standard in the new Cobra SRX8E buggy already.

# The new arm gives you the ability to run a long (SRX8) or short (S811) arm length.
The longer arm, has been proven to have better jump landing and more stable over rough terrain
The shorter arm, provides more rotation and corner speed on smoother tracks -
from designer: Billy Easton

600895   Wishbone RR L+R V2 SRX8
600896   Wishbone insert carbon RR Lower V2 SRX8 (2)