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> Battery mount plate carbon set SRX8E (#600951)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/8 offroad
Suitable for:
Cobra SRX8E buggy 1/8 EP
Serpent SRX8-E Pro 1/8 4wd

Battery mount plate carbon set SRX8E for the saddle layout.

> Description

[ SPT Serpent News ] Cobra SRX8-E saddle pack carbon battery plates

Serpent introduces the 2mm thick carbon fibre battery holder plates for the Cobra SRX8-E buggy in optional saddle pack layout.

The carbon plates can be used instead of the touch type batterystrap. Very easy to use, light strong, and also adds some extra stiffness to this section.

The composite battery-trays for the saddle pack version already have the mounting holes for the small posts which are supplied together with the set. Small bodyclips are included as well.

600951   Battery mount plate carbon set SRX8E