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> Upgrade set suspension 811 GT (#600985)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/8
Suitable for:
Cobra GT 3.0 1/8 GP 4wd
Cobra GT-e 1/8 EP 3.0
Cobra GT 3.1 1/8 GP 4wd

Upgrade set suspension 811 GT to 3.1

> Description

Serpent introduces some new performance parts for the Cobra GT series.  

To optimize the geometry of the Cobra GT the design and test team developed new rigid carbon fiber shocktowers with a large number of holes to set shock angle and adjust roll-center, hardcoated aluminium shock stand offs and new longer aluminum 7075 T6 lower shock extensions front and rear. The front shocktower has a mounting option for the 3rd front bodymount.

The changes create a more responsive car, better steering and handling, overall better balance and improved tyre wear, resulting in better laptimes !

The parts fit the GP as well as the EP version of the Cobra GT cars,  RTR, Raceroller and race kits

The parts are sold in the set 600985 with hardware as needed, and the parts all sell separate as well.