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> Chassis 4mm set SRX8 GT V2 (#601266)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/8
Suitable for:
Serpent SRX8 GT '23 1/8 4wd GP

Chassis 4mm set SRX8 GT V2 this is the complete set that includes also: 601267 Chassis 4mm SRX8 GT V2 601268 Chassis inserts carbon SRX8 GT V2

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> Description

Light Weight 4mm chassis with adjustable flex

When racing in high grip, low grip or no grip at all, flex is a powerful tool. This new chassis has 6 different pockets spread out in the key areas to control the flex, whether the front or the rear and more towards the center. Whether you want more flex at the front to control the steering or more flex at the rear at the rear to control rear end grip, this chassis has you covered.

Another caveat is the chassis is also over 30 grams lighter than the standard kit chassis. With the carbon fiber panels installed, it really looks devilishly sick.