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> Centax clutch set complete (#801530)

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Centax clutch set for Impulse 2-speed, Impact and VETEQ. In the Impulse this clutch set only be used in combination with 2-speed set 801365, not with the standard 2-speed. Set includes complete Centax system with 38mm flywheel, 2 alu. pinions and ball bearings.

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The centax clutch, invented and refined by Serpent, has become the standard setting clutch in the industry and is the best way to transfer your engines power to the drive train of your car.

Using centrifugal force to engage the flyweights with the main clutch shoe, this innovative and fully adjustable system, is a very power efficient clutch.

Perfect power transfer

Available as standard or as an option for the entire range of Serpent chassis' it is the ultimate clutch, from the people who know the most about it, the original inventors - Serpent.