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> Serpent 710 4WD (#802000) - DISCONTINUED

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All new 200mm chassis, the Serpent 710 represents the highest levels in quality, performance, drivability and usability. Serpent - Performance through Evolution

> Description

^ Performance through Evolution

Performance Through Evolution

Completely new, the Serpent designers have started from a blank screen in order to create this all new 200mm. Called the Serpent 710 (Seven Ten), it represents nearly 2 years of intensive development & testing and sets new standards in performance, durability, ease of use and ease of assembly.

^ Serpent 710

The Serpent 710 in Brief

Featuring new innovative features such as Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) and sporting a super-low center-of-gravity, the 710 is designed to perform. With new standards of quality and usability, this all new car features a rigid 4mm chassis as well as graphite used throughout to make this car extremely light but also very strong. A completely new suspension geometry results in excellent balance as well as improved cornering speeds and a wider “sweet spot.”

^ Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS)

Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS)

A ground breaking feature that enables, depending on adjustment, rear toe-in setting changes during acceleration and braking as well as rear wheel steering assistance during cornering. You can easily select from 4 settings on the single arm wishbone to help tailor the car's handling to different track conditions.

^ Ball raced servo saver

New Steering System

The steering servo is now mounted in the lay-down position under the radio plate to help lower the car’s overall center-of-gravity (CG). The servo arm connects to a centrally-mounted ball-raced servo saver that gives ultra-smooth movement through the steering rods that connect to the steering blocks.

^ Easy access axles

Easily Adjustable Main Axles

The 710 offers adjustable belt tension, which is accomplished by using eccentric hubs to hold front and rear main axles.

Innovative mounting blocks are designed to hold the main axles and bearings. These mounts are split in two, allowing you to quickly change either front or rear axle by undoing only a small number of screws. It is now simple to change between differential and solid axle, perfect for those who enjoy testing different drive train combinations.

^ Innovative front axle

Front One-Way to Front Solid Axle

Another innovative and time-saving feature of the 710 is the new front one way axle, which can be easily changed to a front solid axle through the use of an optional pin set. Easy and effective.

^ 4mm Chassis plate

Chassis Plate

To ensure rigidity throughout the car we have supplied the 710 with a 4mm chassis plate as standard. Made from high-grade aluminum, this chassis plate features countersunk screw holes along the bottom to ensure that no screws come in contact with the ground. The chassis also features chamfered edges to give greater clearance when going over curbs or when running low to the ground.

TO keep the center-of-gravity as low and as centralised as possible, the chassis also houses the car's battery pack.

^ Chassis Stiffeners

Chassis Stiffeners

Rigidity is important in a modern day chassis, and this car is no exception. Sporting graphite side plates, a technology that Serpent pioneered, this car is ultra stiff and allows the shock absorbers and suspension components to work more effectively by reducing unwanted chassis flex.

The left chassis stiffener also doubles as the mounting point for the side belt tensioner.

^ Radio plate

New Radio Plate

Made from ultra lightweight but super strong graphite, the 2mm radio plate is the mounting point for the fuel tank and radio equipment and adds further to the chassis rigidity. Beautifully machined - a simple, no hassle part.

^ Receiver mount

Receiver Mount

To optimise weight distribution, the receiver mount is attached to the right side of the radio plate next to the throttle servo. In easy reach of the wires from the servos and battery pack, this new mount also features a guard to protect your valuable radio equipment from side impacts.

^ Low inertia means better acceleration

New Low-Inertia Gearbox and Centax-III

To save further weight and increase the car’s pick up the 710 is supplied with an extremely lightweight, well tested new transmission. The gears now feature a finer gear pitch and the reduced weight of the components results in better acceleration.

^ New belts

New Drive Ratios

To further improve performance and lower drivetrain friction in the drive train, the 710 sports a completely new drive ratio that makes it suitable for all tracks. The car comes with 3 completely new, narrow, low friction Kevlar belts.

^ Alu pivot balls

Aluminum Pivot Balls

Weight reduction was a major factor when designing the 710. The ultra-lightweight but very strong aluminum pivot balls provide a huge weight saving over the steel versions without comprimising strength, and we have provided them as standard.

Standardised DriveTrain

An excellent new feature of this car is that of standardized parts, to help reduce your need to carry different spare parts for different corners or ends of the car. All four corners of the 710 use the same wheel axles, bearings and driveshafts. The same front upper wishbones are used on both left and right sides of the car; the same single rear lower wishbones are used on both left and right sides of the car.

^ Wheel axles

Wheel Axles

The wheel axles are made from the highest quality steel. Sporting a threaded shaft to mount the wheel, these parts are built to last. The 710 uses the same wheel axles on all 4 corners of the car.

^ Driveshafts


Made to the usual high standards, the 710's driveshafts are long-lasting, ultra-strong pieces put the power to the ground. The 710 uses the same driveshafts on all 4 corners of the car.

^ Fuel tank

Fuel Tank

The 75cc fuel tank has been developed to allow for the new mounting of the battery pack, which is placed directly beneath the tank. The tank is top-mounted using rubber covered aluminum mountings to isolate from vibrations; it is held in place by small body clips for easy, quick removal.

The new tank is fitted with another Serpent innovation: the anti-fuel-lock (AFL) fuel tank lid. The AFL lid contains an air chamber to prevent fuel from blocking the backpressure tubing during high speed cornering.

^ Battery pack

Battery pack

The battery pack is mounted into an easy-to-remove composite battery holder and is placed in the chassis plate directly under the fuel tank. This gives the 710 the lowest possible center-of-gravity and lowest polar moment due to the weight being in the direct center of the car. The battery holder is designed to hold five AAA 1.2V cells (not included). A pre-made battery pack is available as an option.

^ Rear shock tower

New Shock Towers

The 710 features new front and rear graphite shock towers that have multiple shock mounting positions. This helps you to dial in your 710 to any track conditions. The rear shock tower doubles as a mount for the rear bodyposts. An extra front bodypost mounts to the front shock tower; this extra post supports the bonnet of a saloon body shell just below the windscreen. New body posts were developed for the 710 to further reduce weight but to also make it easier for you to mount the body shell.

^ Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Serpent’s famous 4-step externally adjustable shock absorbers now come with keyed shock pistons, which gives the shock a very positive 'click' when selecting another setting. The Serpent 710 is supplied with yellow springs and Serpent’s ultra- consistent 30W quality shock oil.

^ Front Bumper

Front Bumper

The 710 features a new front bumper and bumper mount. The bumper mount is made from a high-quality composite that is impact resistant, and has 2 holes for mounting a personal AMB transponder. This is all protected by the new low profile foam bumper which can withstand huge impacts and still protect your car. The front bumper mount is also the mounting point for the front body posts.

^Front and rear Anti-roll bars

Anti-Roll Bars

An all new rear anti-roll bar has dual adjustability as standard. The new anti-roll provides 2 mounting points for the linkages on the lower wishbone, and also can provide softer or harder settings by changing the position of the pivot points along the bar itself.

The front anti-roll bar uses the effective blade system. New mounting levers are used to adjust both upstop and downstop settings.

^ New differential

Rear Differential

This all-new car features an all-new rear ball differential. Using an innovative clamping collar mounted to a lightweight standard ball differential, you can easily and quickly adjust the friction of the differential, which gives you much more flexibility trackside to make adjustments to your setup.

^ Full bearing set


The 710 comes with new high-quality ball-bearings. These smooth-running bearings feature removable purple nylon seals, allowing easy cleaning and very effective sealing.

^ Exhaust spring

Exhaust mount

The exhaust mount is a spring-type mounting wire that isolates vibrations. The wire mount is attached to the front bearing block and secured in place with a set screw.

^ Brake disc


The brake system consists of 2 steel backing plates with high-grip braking material acting on a single brake disk. This system ensures strong, efficient stopping power. A hard-coated brake cam ensures the smoothest braking action.


To enable you to start your Serpent 710 with the greatest ease, Serpent provides the necessary alignment brackets for your Powerstart™ starter box.


The Serpent 710 has been designed with the highest level of competition in mind and is therefore fully adjustable. The racer can change numerous settings easily and effectively, including the suspension geometry. Upstops and downstops can be easily accessed and easily adjusted for optimum handling, as can the car’s roll centers at both the front and rear of the car. Castor, toe, and camber are also easily adjusted.


To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full color instruction manual. Also supplied is a separate reference guide containing exploded views and parts lists, and a pocket size set-up book that describes the setup process as well as explaining the settings and their effects trackside. The car comes in a new full colour box and is supplied with a Serpent 710 decal sheet.