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> Disk Set-up wheels Orange (4) (#802831)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm
Suitable for:
Serpent 710 4WD
Serpent 720 1/10th scale 200mm
Serpent 720 07 1/10th scale 200mm
Serpent 720 08 1/10th scale 200mm

A set of 4 disk setup wheels for use on the Serpent 710. Ideal for measuring camber and toe with a camber gauge.

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> Description

Designed for use on any 200mm chassis, these new aluminium disk wheels make the job of setting up you car simpler and more precise. 64mm in diameter they are designed to simulate the optimised wheel and tyre size of the Serpent 710 which allows the user to set the ride height consistently. Due to the solid construction of the wheels they can be used in conjunction with the Serpent, or other, camber gauge very precisely, much more so than that of an actual wheel and tyre.

The wheels are available in both anodised orange and anodised silver and have a rubber o-ring around the circumference to protect the working surface from scratching. These set-up wheels works especially well when used with the set-up tools from Hudy.

Additional Information

Come in full set of 4.