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> Serpent 720 07 1/10th scale 200mm (#803005) - DISCONTINUED

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Serpent 720 07 1/10th scale 200mm

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Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm

Serpent is pleased to announce the 2007 version of their very successful 200mm race chassis, the Serpent 720. Featuring some further refinements in both performance and durability this new 2007 version is an evolution, making a great car better.

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> Specifications

Not included: Engine and pipe, body, radio equipment, 5-cell battery pack, tires
Chassis: 4mm aluminum, black anodised 7075 aerospace quality, CNC machined
Suspension: Independant double wishbone suspension.
Radio plate: 2mm carbon fiber, CNC machined
Shock absorbers: Pre-assembled RCC shock absorbers
Fuel tank: 75cc design with 'AFL' tank lid
Wheel base: 257mm +/- 1.7mm
Purpose: 200mm Touring Car Track Racer
Drive system: 4wd through kevlar reinforced timing belts
Track-width front: 200mm
Major titles: 2007 Winternats Champion, US National Champion 2006
Front axle: Pre-assembled Gear Differential / One way axle
Track-width rear: 200mm
Class: 1/10th Scale 200mm
Rear axle: Pre-assembled Gear Differential
Adjustability: Camber, Caster, Down-stops, Up-stops, Toe-in, Track width, Roll centers, Belt tension
Weight: 1.695kg (depending on radio gear)
Max. speed: 100km/h +
Gearbox: Lightweight 2-speed with interchangeable fine pitch gears
Instructions: Full color instruction manual, reference guide and setup book
Acceleration: 0-90km/h : 3.0 seconds
Clutch system: Centax-III clutch system with interchangeable hard anodized aluminum fine pitch gears