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> Centax-3 revision set (#803193)

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Centax-3 revision set

Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm
Suitable for:
Serpent 710 4WD

This Centax 3 revision set contains yellow clutch shoe, flyweights, main bearings and thrust bearing.

> Description

If you race a Serpent 1/10th 200mm you will be happy to hear the Serpent have released several helpful new parts combos. First up is the new revision set for the Centax III clutch to allow the user to completely replace the internal workings of their clutch, perfect for that overhaul before a big race. Next up is not only handy but also very useful, it is a full set of spur gears that act as a complete spares set but of course also gives you all the available gear ratio tuning options to set your car for any given track. Lastly we have a full set of coated aluminium pinion gears for the Centax III, which again act as a full spares set and a great tuning package.

Additional Information

Centax-3 revision set contains replacement bearings, flyweights and yellow clutch shoe.

Spur gear set contains: 1 x 55T, 1 x 56T, 1 x 57T, 1 x 59T, 1 x 60T & 1 x 61T

Pinion gear set contains: 1 x 17T, 1 x 18T, 1 x 20T, 1 x 21T, 1 x 22T & 1 x 23T