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> Rod Set 16mm / ball joints (2) (#803200)

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Rod Set 16mm / ball joints (2)

Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm
Suitable for:
Serpent S120 LTR 1/12 pancar EP
Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2
Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2 Wide-foam
Serpent 720 1/10th scale 200mm
Serpent 720 07 1/10th scale 200mm
Serpent 733-EVO 1/10 scale 4wd
Serpent 733-TE 1/10 scale 4wd

Upper rear short track rod set for the Serpent 720, that contains 4 ball joints and 2 short track rods.

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> Description

For use with the Serpent 720, these new track rods are ultra short to enable you to use the shortest upper track rod pivot hole on the new optional GTP suspension support plate (#803182). Using shorter composite ball joints the set also features new short track rods, which can be easily adjusted thanks to the square nut on the rod, allowing you to adjust the length while the track rods are still mounted.