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> Serpent 733-EVO 1/10 scale 4wd (#804000)

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Serpent 733-EVO Serpent 200mm racecar with 4-wheel drive, 2-speed gearbox, independent suspension. 733-EVO news: - Direct Link System - SFC rear end; Serpent Flex Control rear end, - the rear anti-roll bar ball-bearings are seated in delrin bushings to isloate vibrations - the 2-speed shaft bearings are seated in delrin inserts for optimized fit and to isolate vibrations. - Mono-type engine mount - Mono-type ventilated brake-disk Developed, engineered and tested by Michael Salven, in close cooperation with Team Serpent drivers. Serpent, the racing experience

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> Description

Serpent 733, new design approach

The Serpent 733 has a new, very distinct open design and sets new standards in 1/10 scale race-chassis design.  

Many innovative and practical solutions are build into the unique design, to make assembly, set-up, racing and maintenance a joy !

Low center of gravity.  Newly developed geometry and weight balance. High cornering speeds. Superb braking.  Easier to race, with wide sweetspot.
Very light and responsive steering. High quality nylon and precision machined alu parts.  Serpent Spring ( SS) steel transmission parts. Centralised mounting of all electronics.
Easy to build and very open design for easy maintenance.  


New geometry and roll-centers, lower center of gravity and modified weight-positioning for improved grip and better balance.
Adjustable caster, camber, toe-in, width, wheelbase front and rear, ride-height, roll centers and more.  

Front end brackets

Alu front lower bearing blocks and suspension brackets, with integrated anti-roll bar holders and integrated alu middle bearing block.  The gear-diff is seated in eccentric nylon bushings  to set the belt-tension. The right position ( choice of 4) of the eccentric bushings can be recognised from the outside, for easier re-assembly. The lower front end brackets have steel pins pre-mounted which slide into the slots in the chassis, for precise positioning.

Rear-end brackets

Very open design split type rear end assembly.  The supersmall and light gear-diffs  mount very low in the car, in precision machined split type alu brackets. The gear-diff is seated in eccentric nylon bushings  to set the belt-tension. The right position ( choice of 3) of the eccentric bushings can be recognised from the outside, for easier re-assembly.
The lower rear end brackets have steel pins pre-mounted which slide into the slots in the chassis, for precise positioning.
The very open design leaves lots of space for maintenance, cleaning and cooling.


The 3mm chassis is made of precision machined  aerospace quality  7075 T6 alu.  Countersunk and with chamfered edges.  Some extra machining where needed for the belt, the engine with airscoop for cooling, for the flywheel  and some extra space to allow the moutning the transponder below the fueltank.

The very closed design of the chassis creates the right level of rigidity in the car. More flex-control is offered with the alu stiffners on the chassis.  

A laser-angraved logo is the finishing touch.

Engine mount

Mono-type engine mount, for sucure seating of the engine. Extra coolingfins for better heat-dissipation.  The system allows for precise alignment of the clutch and 2-speed gearbox.  

Chassis stiffners – flex control

The main chassis-stiffner is the nylon one which is mounted between the radioplate and the left 2-speed bracket.  2 machined alu chassis stiffners are placed on the chassis, below the engine.  The rear one, with the longer legs, can be either fastened with just 2 of the 4 screws, or with 2 or all 4. Same for the frtn one. The more screws are fastened the less flex will appear.

Suspension front

New front upper and front lower wishbones, made from superb M-type nylon materials and have an excellent fit on the hardened steel pivot pins. The lower wishbones houses the hard-coated alu pivot-ball, which operates the front anti-roll bar.  

The wheelbase can be changed in the front by using the small caster-spacers in front or back of the lower front wishbone. In the top ofcourse change caster in the same way. The roll-center changes can be made by changing the inner pivot inserts for a lower, medium or higher position, depending on the situation.

Front upper bracket

The nylon  upper bracket, connect the front alu bearing blocks, holds the carbon fibre shocktower and the upper hinge pin inserts and incorporates the downstops.  To take out the diff takes 4 screws only.


The kit comes with the strong prooven steeringblocks of the 720, with off-set 0. Offset 1 is available as option.
The steeringblocks mount to the wishbones with light-weight coated alu 8.5mm pivotballs, and use the nylon ball-cups for an ultra light and ultra smooth suspension process

Anti-roll bar front

Ball-raced wire type front anti-roll bar system, more efficient and easier to tweak. Operated by linkages that mount to alu pivotballs on the ower front arms.
2.5mm is standard, other options. 1.8, 2.2 and 2.8

Shocktower front

Carbon fibre front shocktower  in 3.2mm with 4 positions for the front shocks.  Includes holes to mount the 3rd bodymount.


Pre-assembled RCCX shock-sets. Short type both front and rear, also short springs front and rear.   With the 2009 modification on rod-support and silicone x-ring for supersmooth shocks. SS-steel shock-rods, precision machined coated shock-housings, foam bleeders, precision moulded nylon pistons and shock-parts. The spring pre-load nut has a silicone o-ring inside to prevent unwanted change.  
Use 1000 Cst (40W) shock-oil as enclosed for standard set-up both front and rear.  


Extremely small and light gear differential, seated as low as possible in the 733. The same gear-diff is used in the front and rear of the car, just different pullies are mounted.  High quality, precision machined , hardedned gears, combined with SS-steel shafts, create a supersmooth gear-diff.  The gear-cases are sealed with a captured o-ring.  The  SS-steel precison machined outdrives are lightened to decrease rotating mass further.  For standard set-up use 80.000 Cst front and 30.000 Cst rear oil, as provided.
Its very easy  and fast to take the diffs out of the car.  

Front Diff - 35
Rear Diff - 40
Middle Pulley - 18
Middle Side Pulley - 21
Rear Side Pulley - 21
Brake Pulley - 20

Drive ratio 1.0117


The Serpent 733 comes with the famous Centax clutch ( an original  Serpent innovation) . The ultra reliable Centax III WC version comes with precison machined, hardcoated alu screw on gears ( laser engraved) mounted on a hardened steel  clutch-bell.  

A very small and light 31mm hardcoated alu flywheel with precision mounted steel pins. Race developed clutch shoe and flyweights, combined with a hard Centax spring, to create a superb working clutch for amazing accelleration and durability.  


High quality nylon ball-joints for precision fit on the pivot balls. All balljoints of the car are on one larger frame inside the kit. Some have TOP as indication, to show which direction to mount them for best operation.  


Ulta smooth gear-changes are provided by the  WC type  Light-Compact (LC) automatic 2-speed gearbox, which combines perfectly with the Centax III-WC system.  

Precision machined 2-speed bell and one-way adaptor, combined with durable centrifugal shoes mounted on the SS-steel polished adaptor. Balanced SS-steel  2-speed layshaft.

Belt tensioner

Alu CNC machined belt-tensioner bracket, that can mount on top or below the radioplate.  Ballraced.  

Driveshafts / wheel-adaptors

The front end has SS-steel  CVD system, with laser engraved, ultra thin and light driveshafts, combined with durable wheel-axles and precision machined alu hex wheel adaptors.
The rear end has SS-steel dogbones also thin/lightweight, yet durable, to stand the beating of the ever increasing horsepower and grip-levels.  


Kevlar 4mm wide re-inforced drive-belts.  Orange PU type belts are standard (the black/brown low friction rubber type are optional, but for the 1st batch the rubber ones are used).


Low-mounted  75cc fueltank with bronze sintered filter with AFL-cap, moved more to the front and offers a mounting-position  for AMB transponder on the bottom. Small side indent to provide space for the throttle lever. Tank-inserts can be screw-mounted inside to decrease the contents if needed.  Tanks mounts on 3 alu posts, with rubber covers, capped with silicone o-ring and small clips.


Asymetric roll bar with integrated sleeve for the fuel-cap strap. The roll bar doubles also as end-stop for the fuel-cap, to prevent the cap to open too far.


Machined alu pipe-mount holds the spring-wire , which is attached to the radioplate.  Grub-screw holds wire in place.


The innovative and nice looking new bumper sports a split type foam bumper, and the angled upper bumper creates a very sturdy front end, to absorb the impact of crashes ( if any).  ( A wider foam bumper is provided as optional.)


Ball-raced servo-saver design, with the steel servo saver shaft mounted on the chassis only, spring-loaded with pre-tension nut and easy inserts to change Ackermann. The linkages to the steering-servo are short and angles are smooth / direct and easy to access, as mounted above the radioplate.

Combined with the ultra strong SS-steel trackrods and smooth ball-joints, the assembly creates a very effective and responsive steering-system.


New gear-ratio combined with new pullies with small sideholes to let dirt out easily.  Friction free and very smooth operation.  

Front Diff - 35
Rear Diff - 40
Middle Pulley - 18
Middle Side Pulley - 21
Rear Side Pulley - 21
Brake Pulley - 20

Drive ratio 1.0117

Middle shaft

The middle shaft holder is beautifully integrated in the front left alu bracket and secured with 3 screws. This offers strong, flex-free guidance to the SS-steel middle shaft.

2-speed shaft brackets

The 2 alu brackets to hold the 2-speed shaft are true works of art. By separating them from the rear end brackets, it creates lots of open space to work on the car and gives better way for cooling too. In the top the brackets support the ball-raced rear anti-roll bar, which is seated in the brackets with small steel adaptors and high speed bearings. The left one also houses the ball-raced brake-cam and supports the chassis stiffner too.  Multi-functional.  

Shocktower rear

4mm thick carbon fibre rear shocktower with 6 mounting positions for the shocks. The holes are positioned in such way, that when changing to to another hole, the length of the shocks can remain the same. The shocktower includes holes to mount the tank-cap strap, as well as mounting positions for the rear body mounts.


New uprights to suit the new geometry. Allows for 2 mounting positions in the top, inner or outer   and the kit comes complete with conical spacers to change roll-center.  

Rear suspension

The new rear lower wishbones can be used both left and right. The anti-roll bar linkage has 2 mounting positions to choose from.  The rear carbon camber bracket in 4mm thick material , has 9 positions to choose from, 5 inner and 4 outer each side.  The roll-center changes can be made by changing the inner pivot inserts for a lower, medium or higher position, depending on the situation.
Wheel-base can be changed by using the casterclips in front or back of the wishbone on the lower pin.


A very accessible  and cool brake system, with 2 large ventilated steel disks, with one machined alu cooling-fin in the middle  ( also used successfully on the Serpent 966) . The brake-system  is mounted very low in the car for better center of gravity.  Spring –loaded race pads that slide on precision machined bushings.  The race brake-pads are ready to use with pre-baked friction material ( no more glueing ) that lasts and offers incredible braking power with excellent brake feeling / feedback.  Reaches right temperature quickly, has no fading and works well in the rain too.  The nylon brake lever, that operates the hard-anodised ballraced brake-cam, has 2 mounting positions for the linkage. The linkage runs very straight to the servo-arm.  


The very short and narrow radioplate is made of  2.5mm high quality carbon fibre material and ads to the overall stiffness of the car. The overall design is made in such way that the complete radioplate with tank, roll-bar, belt-tensioner and all electronics comes out of the car in one go. Just release the steeringlever and release 7 screws. Ideal for cleaning  and maintenance. All wiring very short and compact to mount.  Straight aligned servo-linkages to both brake and throttle levers.

Radio-gear and battery mounting

The 733 provides a neatly designed side-bracket-assembly that offers mounting space for the receiver, the switch, the antenna and both servo’s. The receiver goes into the nylon box with embossed Serpent logo.  On the opposite side of the tank, the battery ( Lipo or regular pack) is mounted to a carbon fibre bracket (shrink-foil/tape) , which again mounts to the radioplate with nylon spacers.  

This very compact design means you can use very short cables and when mounted correctly hardly any cables are visible from the outside, but house well protected inside the car. The steering-servo bracket offers another mounting position ( 2 holes) for the transponder in case that is prefered instead of the lower mounting position under the tank.
Spacers are provided to correctly mount the servo’s, as well as 3 types servo levers to suit all major brands.


High speed stainless steel bearings throughout the car, lightweight and lubricated with high quality Shell bearing oil.  High quality one-way bearing for the 2-speed adaptor.


Allen type high quality steel screw throughout the car.

Manual / set-up sheet / decals

State of the art, full color manual with all assembly steps and tips.  Each bag in the kit-box follows the steps in the manual.  The integrated reference guide in the back, shows all exploded views and part-number and full parts-list too.  The parts-list also shows the currently available optionals parts.

A set-up sheet is inserted with a standard set-up and a blank one too. Other set-ups will be published in the 733 product-page on serpent.com under set-ups.

The kits includes  2 decal-sheets with Serpent and 733 logo’s.


A line of optionals will be offered to further improve an already superb car, or just for the looks.  More info in the optionals page.  

Tyres, wheels, radio-equipment, engine and pipe-system are not included.

More pictures in the image gallery.

Developed, engineered and tested by Michael Salven, in close cooperation with Team Serpent drivers.

The racing experience