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> Serpent 733-EVO 1/10 scale 4wd (#804000)

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Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm

Serpent 733-EVO Serpent 200mm racecar with 4-wheel drive, 2-speed gearbox, independent suspension. 733-EVO news: - Direct Link System - SFC rear end; Serpent Flex Control rear end, - the rear anti-roll bar ball-bearings are seated in delrin bushings to isloate vibrations - the 2-speed shaft bearings are seated in delrin inserts for optimized fit and to isolate vibrations. - Mono-type engine mount - Mono-type ventilated brake-disk Developed, engineered and tested by Michael Salven, in close cooperation with Team Serpent drivers. Serpent, the racing experience

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> Specifications

Class: 200mm 1/10th Scale 200mm
Purpose: 200mm Touring Car Track Racer
Chassis: 3mm aluminum, 7075 aerospace quality, CNC machined
Suspension: Independent double wishbone suspension
Radio plate: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined
Shock absorbers: Pre-assembled RCCX shock absorbers
Fuel tank: 75cc design with 'AFL' tank lid
Drive system: 4wd through kevlar reinforced timing belts
Clutch system: Centax-III clutch system
Front axle: Gear Differential (Optional One way axle )
Rear axle: Gear Differential
Gearbox: Lightweight 2-speed with interchangeable fine pitch gears
Weight: 1.695kg (depending on radio gear)
Max. speed: 105km/h +
Acceleration: 0-90km/h 3.0 seconds
Instructions: Full color instruction manual, reference guide
Not included: Engine and pipe, body, radio equipment, battery pack, tires