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> Natrix 748-WC 1/10 200mm gp car (#804010)

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Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm

Serpent Natrix 748-WC 1/10 scale 4wd gaspowered 200mm car 4wd, belt-drive, new v2 gear-differentials front and rear, new larger pulleys, new sidebelt, Centax TM clutch, XLi 2-speed gearbox, 75cc tank, chassis 7075-T6, carbon radioplate and shocktowers, low bigbore shocks, ball-raced anti-roll bars, fully adjustable. 2014-2015 Worlds TQ and Vice Champion Main new EVO parts - new big bore shocks and shocktowers - new V2 geardiffs front and rear - new larger pulleys and new sidebelt Extra WC options added 803240 CVD-set Pro (2) ( to use in the rear) 804273 Chassis weight 25gr 747 804296 Body support rear (2) 804360 Throttle lever alu 804363 Steeringblock lever carbon 748 (2) 2016-2017 World Champion - Dominic Greiner 2016-2017 Vice World Champion and Superpole winner - Alessio Mazzeo

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> Description

Serpent NATRIX 748-WC
1/10 scale gaspowered 200mm racecar

WC 2016 Champion and Vice-Champion

Key new features
Michael Salven as chief designer, developed new v2 geardiffs for the Natrix, being a slightly different front and rear one, with new case, gears and sealing system, which make it really easy to assmeble and maintain. The 748 EVO has the new lower big bore shocks included, as well as new larger pullies and a new sidebelt.
Another feature is the light 2-speed gearbox the XLi ( eXtra Low Inertia) with small adaptor, bell and shoes.

Extra WC options added
803240   CVD-set Pro (2)  ( to use in the rear)
804273   Chassis weight 25gr 747
804296   Body support rear (2)
804360   Throttle lever alu
804363   Steeringblock lever carbon 748 (2)

Serpent 748-WC; details

Symmetrical chassisplate  for even flex and torsion,   in 7075 T6 aluminium,  anodised and laser engraved.  Chamfered edges for more ground clearance when cornering and countersunk holes. Central slots to mount weight, which can slide into the right position and then secured.

The 2mm carbon fibre radioplate has multiple functions. It holds the fueltank in place which is mounted on 3 alu posts in rubber. On the right hand side the receiver mounts to a nicely shaped carbon fibre plate that connects to the radiotray, sqeezed in right between belt and tank.  The radioplate sits again lower on the car , for lower center of gravity.
Central Flex system
The rear section of the radioplate incorporates a nice flex-control system.  It consists of 2 machined aluminium parts. The lower one connects to the radioplate supports an the upper one with screws to the upper alu plate and radioplate.  You can either run the 748 rigid with flex . The optional ball-bearings and screws are sold seperate.  Testing has shown that flex in the center rear of the car has the most effect and reacts most predictable as wel.

748 servo holder
A new composite servo holder is designed to have both servo closer to the center line of the car and as low as possible. The 2 lay-down low profile servos are seated very close together and mount in a very efficent and easy way. The holder mounts to the radio-tray.

The throttle / brake linkage is same style as used on the 977 1/8 car. A pivot-lever system with an ingenius ball-cup system to the guide the wire and have almost friction free action.

748 receiver box
The new composite receiver box is small but holds and protects the most common modern receivers easily. The antenna mounts to the top.  The box is securely fastened to the radioplate with a nylon bracket . The box has been moved as much to the inside as possible. On the radioplate a small holder is fitted to accept the plugs of the battery, to act as on/off �switch�.  

Carbon fibre battery-holder positioned between the tank and pipe, for the best weight balance. The battery is easy to strap down with tape to the bracket.  Spacers can be used to mount the battery higher or lower depending on the battery you plan to use.

748 fueltank
Lower and longer durable 75ccm nylon fueltank with transparent material to easy see fuel-content. Large springloaded quick-fill cap with seal with large tank opening for fast and easy refills. The bronze sintered filter will keep fuel clean and make sure tank will empty till last drop if needed. Fueltank sits very low in the car for low center of gravity. Fueltank is mounted with clips on 3 alu posts with rubber buffers.

Low bigbore shocks
Coated threaded shockbodies in high quality aluminium.  Supersmooth x-ring / machined bushing package, to guide  and seal the spring-steel piston rods. Precision machined pistons included in 3 types.  Threaded pre-load shocknuts in alu with o-ring inside. Light but strong nylon spring-cups.  Selected, matched and paired shockabsorber springs with color coding.  

Front bumper and bodymount
Front bumper with aerodynamic effects and excellent protection. Some parts of the lower bumper can be cut open to create more steering.  Medium or small foam bumper pad scan still be fitted as optional.  The upper carbon fibre bodyplate mounts to the front bumper with alu post and secures the front bdyposts

Shocktower front
Superlow 3.0mm  carbon fibre shocktowers with 3 positions for upper shockmounting. In the centre you can mount the 3rd bodypost as needed.

Front brackets
A compact and superlight structure of topquality aluminium parts consist of top-brackets, L and R equal bearing brackets, lower suspension bracket front. The open style design allows for very fast parts exchange as needed, like belt, diff or anti-roll bar.

Suspension front
Strong long double A-arm suspension with aluminium pivotballs, which pivot in light nylon cups. Hard type composite arms.  The arms pivot on the inside on springsteel pins. The pivot-inserts are used to change rollcenter. Small grubscrews mount in the upper bracket to control downstop. Easy to access and change ride height, front width, toe-in, caster and camber.

Very strong composite steeringblocks with 2 Ackermann positions, L and R use the same . The  steeringblocks feature inserts, which allow to change the kingpin inclination to a leading or trailing position. The steeringblocks also allow use of the optional carbon fibre aero disks to be mounted for less flex and a more direct steering feel.

Wheelaxles / cvd
The spring-steel wheelaxles are seated in high speed bearings. The light and durable  spring-steel cvd�s bring all the power to the front wheels. Wheels are mounted to orange anodised high grade aluminium hex-adaptors using flanged wheelnuts.

Anti-roll bar front
The ballraced wire type  anti-rollbar in the front is really easy to access and change for other type or thickness as needed.  The anti-roll bar is linked to the lower a-arms with a unique pivotball/cup system, which provides direct and smooth operation and is easy to set and adjust.

Servo-saver / steering
The new lowered centraly mounted steel servo-saver post fits the spring-loaded ballraced servo-saver system and steering. The inserts allow 2 ackermann settings. Due to the open design the linkages with L/R threading can be reached easily. The whole system allows for very precise steering and minimum bumpsteer.

Middle shaft holder
Machined 2 piece aluminium  middle shaft holder, which securely holds the spring steel middle shaft, and doubles up as holder of the pipe-mount.

Rear brackets
Very rigid but open rear end design with a composition of machined alu brackets, allowing for easy maintenance. The differential brackets, L and R equal, are toothed and seat the excentric bearing holder, which allow for setting belttension. Its very quick and easy to mount a differential and or replace a belt. The machined aluminium lower suspension brackets have roll-center inserts with 3 positions to choose from.  The rear bracket is the narrow V1 version.

The 2-speed gearbox shaft holders, double up as anti-roll mounts, and brake system basis. All topquality machined parts with anodising and laser-engraving.

Brake -system
the low mounted  brake system with superlight disk allows for smooth and even braking, and the open system avoids overheating. The ball-raced excenter and lever gives a very smooth and direct brake-feeling.

Rear carbon shocktower and camber bracket
The low 3.0mm carbon shocktower has 3 upper mounting position for the shocks and it mounts the body-posts. The camber bracket offers 8  positions to choose from, 4 inner and 4 out holes.  The shocktower is prepared to mount the extra body-protectors, which are optional.

Suspension rear
The Hard lower rear composite arms together with the updated uprights create a wider set-up sweet-spot with more grip and more steering.  The upper camber rods connect to the carbon camber bracket with 8 mounting positions for roll-center and the camber rod is easy to access and has L/R threading for fast changes.  The aluminium pivotball system allows for fast changes in width and toe-in.   On the lower inside the wishbone pivots on springsteel pins, which seat with roll-center inserts in the anodised alu suspension brackets.  

Lower rear wishbones
The hard composite lower wishbones feature a mounting position for the anti-roll bar linkage which moves the link position more outside. Its also offers a mounting position for an optional carbon shock-mount bracket, to move the lower shockmount position further out, but for the default  set-up  its not needed. By placing the lower shock further out, you will get even more steering .  

Uprights / wheel-axles
Durable medium type composite uprights, which seat the wheel-axles bearings.  The upright offers the mounting position for the steel camber-rod with L/R threading.  Rolll center chnages can be made on top of the upright with shims.  The upright can be mounted with the optional carbon fibre aero disks for more rear grip and straight line stability.

Wheelaxles and driveshaft
The durable spring steel wheelaxles combined with spring steel driveshafts bring the power from the gear-diff to the wheels.  Wheels are fitted on high grade anodised alu wheelhex adaptors and secured with flanged wheelnuts.

Anti-roll bar rear
The ballraced wire type  anti-rollbar in the rear is really easy to access from the top and change for other type or thickness as needed.  The anti-roll bar is linked to the lower a-arms with a spring-steel rod.

748 Gear-differentials
Compact, durable and lighter gear differential. Precision moulded steel gears, 2 small 14T and 2 large 28T ones.  The very durable and light spring steel lightened diff-adaptors connect to the driveshafts.  Front and rear geardifferential share the same internal parts.
CVD driveshafts
Spring steel, light and very durable CVD�s used in the front. Precision mounted hard steel pins

Spring steel, light and very durable dogbones used in the rear. Precision mounted hard steel pins

Precision moulded super-true pullies, which feature holed sidewalls to let debris move out easier.  Light and durable.

Low friction Kevlar reinforced belts with fine pitch. Longlasting and smooth.

Ball raced belt-tensioner, machined from aluminium and can mount on top or below the radioplate.

Gear-box SL6 - Xli
The well proven SL6 gearbox has been redesigned and lighter. Smaller bell, adaptor and shoes reduce overall weigth and rotating mass, so lower intertia.  Durable and longlasting gears. High quality bearings. Very grippy smaller springloaded 2-speed shoes, easy to set.

True Motion Centax clutch
Serpent invented the Centax clutch  in the mid 90-ties, and all brands followed it. Small improvements are found to make the original system even better.  The True Motion Centax has a flat flywheel, and the taper part on the pressure plate. This allows the flyweights to work even better. The hard anodised aluminium flywheel has 4 holes to have easy access to keep the flywheel in position when setting the pre-tension.  The flyweights are made of topquality teflon and feature an additional hole to use grubscrews to make them heavier.  The red friction clutch shoe is very grippy, and works excellent with the steel clutch housing.  The hard anodised gears screw onto the threaded steel bell.    

Engine mount
The light machined and anodised engine mounts perfectly seats the engine, well alligned with the gearbox.  Small adjustment can be made to move the engine closer to the gearbox.

Manual / set-up sheet
The 748 comes with a full color assembly manual, with easy to follow assembly steps. The manual also includes exploded views section showing all part numbers, and a full parts-list, showing also all optionals. The kit includes a default and blank set-up sheet.  Editable sheets are in the Serpent website.

The 748 includes one sheet with Serpent generic logo�s and one with 748 logo�s.  Decals are very thin material and come pre-cut.

The 748 comes in a strong, small carton box with nice graphics. The packing of the bags follows the steps in the manual.

Designed by World and European Champion Michael Salven