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> Front alu shaft with one-way bearings (#804184)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/10 200mm
Suitable for:
Serpent 733-EVO 1/10 scale 4wd
Serpent 733-TE 1/10 scale 4wd
Serpent 747 1/10 scale 200mm
Natrix 748 1/10 200mm gp car
Natrix 748 TQ 1/10 200mm gp car
Natrix 748-WC 1/10 200mm gp car
Natrix 750 1/10 200mm gp car
Serpent Natrix 750 EVO 4wd 1/10 GP
Natrix 750-e 1/10 4wd EP

Precision machined front alu shaft with high quality one-way bearings for Serpent 733. Can be easy locked with pins as needed. Supplied with springsteel one-way adaptors, o-rings, pins and steel screws.

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> Description

For Serpent 733  we introduce an aluminium  front axle with high quality one-way bearings.  The precision machined front axle is machined out of one piece aluminium with integrated pulley-flange  and can also be locked, when needed,  by using 2 steel pins that slide through holes in the steel adaptors and are kept in place by 2 o-rings. Simple and effective, 2 types of front axles combined, as was also successfully  designed for and  use in Serpent 710 and 720 before.  The set includes  alu axle with one-ways,  2 steel adaptors, 2 pins and 2 o-rings. The same pulley (not included) as also used on the front differential is also used for this spool.   ( item #804147