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> Conversion set 747 to 747E (#804308)

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> Description

Serpent introduces a set to convert your current 747 1/10 gaspowered kit to electric powered

Main elements are the carbon fibre chassis, the motormount, mid shaft/pullies, belt and  carbon battery holders.

Amazing acceleration and  top-speed in excess of 90 km/h ( depending on electronics and ratio’s)

Compared to a regular 1/10 scale touringcar, the handling is very different, much easier.  As you will race with a wider car of 200mm and use foam tyres on wider rims.  The 1/10 200mm cars are also overall stronger ( and a bit heavier)  and can take the extra power you have with ease, without wearing out fast. Even when crashing the 200mm cars are more durable and can absorb more power.

We recommend to use  decent level 3S lipo, brushless motor less than 5000kV, combined with a strong 1/8 scale speedo.

You can also use a brushless set from 1/10 TC touring, but it may not handle the traction created by the foam tyres, and cause thermal issue for both speedo and motor. We advice not to use it, or only at small tracks. At larger tracks for sure use the stronger 1/8 speedo and larger motor.

The set-up of the 747-e chassis remains very close to the gaspowered one, speed is amazingly fast, and silent.   A manual and the set-up sheet are posted online in serpent.com

This set is great to use to covert your 2013 season 747 into EP and have a go at EP !

Design: N. Lopez