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> Diff set rr 748 V2 (#804391)

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> Description

For the Natrix 748 1/10 range of cars Serpent releases these newly developed  gear differentials , combined with a new overall gearing of the car which also requires new pullies and a new sidebelt.

The casings keep more oil than before, which will keep performance stabile, also over longer runs,  the case features a small bleeder hole to allow excess oil to escape after assembly ( and close off with a grub screw) , the gears have a new deeper profile and the fitment of the gears is optimized , the diff axles are superlight yet durable hardened spring steel versions. The diffcases have a spring steel bushing moulded inside for additional stability.

To use the new diff v2, you also need the new size pullies and new sidebelt.
The new pullies are larger in diameter which enhances acceleration, as the belt needs to bend less. The new pullies sell in a regular and a white low friction version.

The newly designed diff gears also fit in the 748 V1 gear differentials, as superb replacement.