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> IMPACT M2 WC/02 - 2WD (#808037) - DISCONTINUED

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The Impact M2 has taken 3 IFMAR World Championship titles in a row. Can we say more? Design, quality and performance combined in one chassis. The main new feature is the lowered center of gravity of the chassis.

> Description

Impact M2 2000 spec

The current 1/10 scale IFMAR World champion, Serpents Impact will be defending its title again in August this year at the worlds in Austria and the new 2000 spec Impact is ready. The philosophy behind the new chassis has been one of intelligent design evolution rather than revolution. The performance nevertheless improved remarkably! Several modifications were made to lower the car’s center of gravity.

New Radio Plate and Attachments

A new Carbon radio-plate, a new battery-holder for a lower, central battery position. A new aluminium chassis, a new aluminium radio-plate bracket, a lower  position of the new tank,  all combined ensure a lower, more forward and close to the longitudinal center weight distribution, to increase cornering and straight-line speeds.

New rear shock support

The rear shock position can be set at 2 positions, a carbon shock support stiffens the rear-end, which itself was redesigned too. New uprights changed the rear-geometry for more steering and a firmer grip, prepared for the new rear body mount in GTP design. For Touring car bodies the the radioplate is prepared for an extra front body support (optional) to improve aerodynamics, but that’s not all.

New quick release levers and rear uprights

New adjustable front sway bars, ball-type shock-mounting and Aluminium quick change levers (in 2WD rear only) complete the kit. Definitely a strong contender for all 1/10 scale races and surely a favourite for the next world title.

Bottom of the Impact M2 2000 spec

Be impressed by how good it feels straight out of the box, outperform all others having the best chassis and the best support for it. Serpents Impact 2000 spec comes with a full colour building instruction, which includes a handy setup-guide. Add a website and on track support by the Serpent Team racers and you’ve got the product and the information you need to win….