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> IMPACT M2 WC/02 - 4WD (#808060) - DISCONTINUED

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Add 4-wd transmission the world beating Impact M2 chassis and you are up with the ideal 1/10 scale car package. The ideal chassis and power-to-weight ratio. Easy to set up. Less critical for track condition changes, and an absolute joy to drive.

> Description

Fully tunable chassis

The Impact-M2 Challenger, like all Serpent gas cars, is fully tunable to any racetrack. Adjust camber, caster, toe-in and numerous other settings to precisely tailor the M2's performance to a certain track and to your driving style. Better still, the adjustments are all easily accessible - you can change a lot of settings with the engine running and the body still on! With the M2, you'll be dialed-in in a flash.

Bulletproofed Centax clutch

Serpent revolutionized R/C gas car clutch design when we introduced the Centax clutch for our 1/8-scale cars - a-super efficient clutch that converts centrifugal clutch shoe motion into axial clutch housing engagement (hence the name, Centax). It's such a competitive advantage that you'll now find copies of the Centax design on the competitors' cars. The Impact-M2 Challenger sports the proven Centax design with a new low-wear clutch shoe that lasts longer than the previous shoe material.

3mm spring-steel suspension pins

3mm spring-steel suspension pins have been used through the Impact-M2. These pins are light but incredibly strong.

Multi-position shock absorbers

The latest Impact M2's feature a multiple shock absorber position. Depending on the race track and drvingstyles, racers can tune the shocks even better to the preferred characteristics. The Ball-type mounting makes it easy to change the setup.

Forward-mounted mid belt

The front mid belt shaft and pulley assembly is mounted in front of the fuel tank, not behind like on some cars. This positioning allows the radio tray components to be moved more towards the center of the car creating what's called a "Low Polar Force/Center-of-Gravity." What does that mean? Sit in a swiveling chair with you legs out and spin around. Now move your legs in. What happened? You speed up! Moving the weight to the center of the car reduces unwanted momentum forces and creates fantastic responsiveness, especially in demanding weight-shift situations like chicanes.

Self-centering, splined brake ex-center

The M2's brake ex-center features a self-centering spring mechanism to ensure consistent and complete brake disengagement. A servo-style spline mounting hole makes for easy brake lever positioning.

Ackerman correct Servo Saver

The Impact M2's servo saver works in conjunction with the front end geometry to create the proper Ackerman steering effect (in which the wheel on the inside of a turn is turned at a greater angle than the outside wheel). A stiff internal spring gives solid steering feel, yet protects the servo gears in a jarring crash. We also include special inserts to fit almost any brand of servo.

Light front bumper

The impact-resistant front bumper is light to help relocate overall weight towards the center of the car for maximum agility, yet strong enough to protect the car if you happen bump into a car you're lapping.

Convenient adjustable front anti-roll bar

The front anti-roll bar is easily accessible and adjustable so you can easily tune this important setting.

Ball joint steering linkage

A ball joint steering system gives smooth control, simple adjustability, and resists removal during severe accidents and impacts.

One-piece rear body mount and wheel-well support

No wire bending here! The slick rear body mount transmits aerodynamic downforce onto the hub carriers for increased grip. The wide span of the bodymount also prevents the body from collapsing onto the rear wheels at high speeds.

4mm aluminum chassis with carbon fiber radio tray

This combination of materials in a bi-level set-up produces incredible rigidity that will optimize suspension operation. The aluminum of the main chassis also helps to absorb power-robbing heat from the engine.

High-volume, hydraulic racing shock absorbers, 4-step adjustable

Precise dampening action for smooth handling over track irregularities. Serpents notorious 4 step adjustable shockabsorber, designed for fast, easy dampening changes, the 4 positions can be used for easily matching dampening rates between shocks. Low Drag Nylon cilinders, with thread to adjust spring settings. Without a doubt the best shocks available on the market!

Quick-adjust caster inserts

Caster can have a significant effect on the front-end handling of a gas R/C car. These simple inserts let you quickly and accurately adjust the caster angle.

Aluminium tire changers

Easy, fast tire changes. Some gas races go as long as an hour, not to mention "enduro" races. Need to make a tire change in a long race- no problem! These little levers will help your pitman get you in and out of the pits in no time at all.

Disc brake system with no-fade brake pads

Your Impact-M2 is going to be barreling down the straightaway at 50mph - you'd better have some strong brakes to get you around that hairpin that's fast approaching. This brake system gives your M2 smooth, consistent braking over long races.

Centrifugal, double-shoe, two-speed transmission

This is exactly the same unit we use on our 1/8-scale cars (and if it can handle the power of a 35,000-rpm 1/8-scale engine, you can imagine how well it handles the power of the slightly tamer 1/10-scale powerplants). This transmission will have your M2 catapulting from 0-50mph in less than 3 seconds and will give you 50+mph top speed.

Filtered fuel tank with sprung, foam-sealed cap

The filter prevents foreign debris from entering engine and the sprung lid assures that every precious drop of fuel stays in your tank.

Ball-bearing mid-belt tensioner

This tensioner effectively tightens belt the mid-belt without adding excessive drag.

High-performance drive belts

Low-drag drive belts are used throughout the Impact-M2 to efficiently transmit power.

Steel roll bar

You and a non-Serpent car are jockeying for position. The other car spins out and slides into you. Accidents happen. The roll bar protects the M2 and engine during a rollover crash so you can be on your way again unharmed (once the turn marshal gets there!).

Isolated front body mount

A unique feature on Serpents - Other manufacturers mount the body directly to the bumper. But, of course, bumpers break (that's what they're for, after all). Then it's game over for those guys. Not on a Serpent. The isolated front body mount will securely hold you body in place, even if your bumper is completely broken.

Steel hardware throughout

High-quality steel screws are used throughout the M2 to hold everything in place while you tear around the track. If you get really serious about racing, we offer a lightweight, aluminum screw set to shave some ounces off.

Datalogger-ready (Serpent DRX-2000)

Much of the fun of R/C racing comes from tuning your M2 for maximum performance. For the ultimate in tuning analysis, Serpent offers the DRX-2000 cataloger. This microprocessor-controlled unit mounts directly onto your M2 (next to the throttle servo) and has three sensors to record real-time car speed, engine temperature and lap times. Download the info (up to ten minutes worth) into a PC for complete graphical performance analysis.

One-way front drive axle:

Maximizes cornering speed without adding straight-line drag.    


These precisely machined, dog-bone style driveshafts efficiently send the power out to your wheels.    

Ball bearings throughout

Serpent uses high-grade ball bearings throughout the M2 at all rotational points to give you the most free drive system possible.    

Linkage kits

Complete brake and throttle linkage kits are included to provide the correct throttle and brake activation.    

Allen wrenches

A bag of assorted allen wrenches is included with the M2 to help speed up assembly and get you on the track.