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Based on the ultra successful Serpent 950, the 'R' represents refinement to an already highly competitive car. Taking the basics we have further tweaked the design to improve balance & handling, lower the center of gravity and make the car easier to use. The results are innovative without being too radical, Performance through Evolution.

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^ With Lola body

Performance through Evolution

Introducing the successor to the European Champion and US National winning Serpent 950. The 950R represents a years learning and refinement at the highest level of competition around the World. This car is a true Evolution and incorporates several suspension geometry improvements as well as some innovative changes whilst improving the cars ease of use.

^ Serpent 950R

The Serpent 950R in brief

The new 'R' features adjustable front belt tension along with a new adjustable wheel base. Using a new front geometry with newly designed top and bottom wishbones, the roll center can be adjusted by altering the top and bottom wishbone pivoting point by simply re setting small inserts. The car also sports a new narrower chassis as well as a new radio plate that accomodates the new laid down throttle servo.

^ Roll Center inserts

Adjustable front roll-center -

A new feature on the Serpent 950R is the ability to adjust the front roll center with the use of a new system. Using inserts with an offset hole at the point where the top and bottom wishbone pivot pin mounts to the bearing block the pivot points can be easily adjusted. Simply remove the pin and re set the roll center insert and re apply the pivot pin. This system allows for 4 variations to the front roll center.

^ Steering servo mount

Steering servo -

The steering servo is mounted on the right side directly to the bottom of the radio plate and hangs free of any other item. The steering system uses a single servo-saver, which features adjustable servo saver spring tension, a useful feature that allows you to make your car suit any track surface or layout. The servo-saver comes with four Ackermann options to help fine-tune the 950R steering characteristics. Adjustable steel track rods with left and right thread are standard. The pivot ball on the servo-saver arm can be accessed through a hole in the chassis to disconnect and re-connect the steering rod.

^ Throttle servo mount

Throttle servo -

Similar to the steering servo, the throttle servo whilst still in its traditional position, is now lying on its side to further lower the center of gravity. It uses a clever linkage system through the radio plate to connect the servo to the throttle pivot arm. By placing the head of the servo towards the inside of the car it will protect the linkage during a crash.

^ Bearing with eccenter

Adjustable front belt tension -

A new feature on the Serpent 950-R is the ability to adjust the tension of the front belt. A simple use of an eccenter allows for quick and easy setting.

^ Rollover bar

Radio plate support bracket -

The radio plate support bracket, placed directly in front of the engine, also acts as the mounting point for the rollover bar. The rollover bar is shaped in such a way that it optimizes the cars weight distribution when in your hand. An optional aluminum radio plate support bracket (#902256) is available and allows for increased chassis stiffness and a more durable rollover bar mounting.

^ 125cc fuel tank

Fuel tank -

The 125cc fuel tank has been designed to accommodate the radio plate layout and has already had a years successful trouble free running. Top mounted using rubber covered aluminum mountings to isolate from vibrations and held in place by small body clips, this design also features three buffers to prevent fuel foaming and to also ensure every last drop of fuel has been picked up. This tank is fitted with another of Serpents innovations, the ‘AFLEfuel tank lid. It contains an air chamber to prevent the back pressure tubing being blocked by fuel being forced back down it at high speed cornering. Also new is the lightweight pick up filter, now made from a special polypropylene.  It is more efficient and further ensures the last drop of fuel is used.

^ Battery holder (pack optional)

Battery pack -

The battery pack for the Serpent 950R is mounted into an easy to remove composite battery holder and placed in the chassis plate directly under the fuel tank. This gives the 950R the lowest possible center of gravity and lowest polar moment due to the weight being in the direct center of the car. The battery holder is designed to hold 5 Triple-A 1.2v cells, (not included). A pre-made battery pack is available as an option (#902126).

^ Bottom of the chassis

Chassis plate -

The backbone of the car is the chassis plate. It is the strongest and stiffest single piece chassis available. Constructed from 5mm aerospace quality aluminum, the Serpent 950Rs chassis plate should withstand all but the most severe crashes. The chassis plate comes with three cooling holes just under the engine to aid temperature control, and is now narrower with chamfered edges to prevent it catching on curbs giving it better overall ground clearance. It houses the battery pack, which is mounted into the plate and held in place by composite mounting points. All screw holes are countersunk to ensure no obstructions when the chassis is running low to the ground.

^ Right & Left chassis stiffeners

Chassis Stiffeners -

Another unique feature, the 2 carbon fiber side mounted chassis stiffeners. These plates form a strong bridge between the front and rear section of the 950R, and are mounted directly to the radio plate bracket and to the rear-bearing blocks. They increase the chassis stiffness, an essential condition to make effective use of the sophisticated suspension adjustment options. The left chassis stiffener also houses the adjustable ball-raced belt tensioner, a simple and very effective system.

The Serpent 950R can be raced with or without the side stiffeners due to the ridged 5mm aerospace quality chassis.

^ Lightweight gearbox

Gearbox -

The 2-speed gearbox is an evolution of the first 2-speed system Serpent invented many years ago. Now in lighter and a much more efficient form, this gearbox is easy to adjust and assemble thanks to its simple design. The gearbox features larger ball bearings (a 6x10mm and a 6x13mm) for extra durability and smoother rotation. The gears are mounted to the carriers with three small screws and come in different colors for easy recognition in your toolbox. A full range of gears is available in combination with pinions for the Centax-II clutch.

^ Centax-II™  bell housing


Only the second design of the clutch system created by Serpent in the early nineties, the Centax-II features larger ball bearings (a 5x13mm and a 5x10mm) as well as a larger thrust bearing (5x10mm). This increases durability and provides ultra free movement of parts. Featuring an externally adjustable clutch spacing method, the Centax system standard with the innovative pivoting flyweight system.

^ Adjustable Wheel base

Adjustable Wheel base

A new feature to the 950R is the ability to adjust the wheelbase by up to 4mm. Simply achieved by placing caster spacers in a different position in front of or behind the top and bottom wishbone, the new wisbones feature seperate down stop arms to accomodate this.

^ New front wishbones

Front Suspension -

The 950R features new front geometry and suspension components allowing the track width to be made narrower whilst the ability to adjust the roll center gives even more tuning possibilities.

^ Rear Suspension

Rear suspension -

The Serpent 950R lower arms have two anti-roll bar mounting positions and whilst the upper arms have adjustable length to be able to vary the rear track-width to suit varying track conditions.

The composite rear bearing blocks from the Serpent 950R feature large rear lay shaft bearings (6x15mm) for increased durability and reduced friction in the rotation of this crucial part. They also sport 3.5mm lower rear pivot pins to reduce the chances of the pin bending on heavy impact. The side-plate mounting points are integrated in the rear blocks.

^ Rear bodymount

Rear body mount -

The Serpent 950R features a vertical sliding body mount centering system. A very efficient system, the centering pin is mounted to a woven carbon fiber shock tower that features several shock mounting holes to help you fine tune your Serpent 950R even further.

^ Shock absorber & keyed pistons

Shock absorbers -

Serpent's famous 4-step externally adjustable shock absorbers come with keyed shock pistons, which ensures that when selecting another setting you get a very positive click. The Serpent 950R comes supplied with red springs and Serpents ultra consistent 35W quality shock oil.

^ Wide-off-set steering blocks

Steering Blocks -

The Serpent 950R comes as standard with the WOS (wide-off-set) composite steering blocks.

^Exhaust mount spring

Exhaust mount -

Using a spring type mounting wire to isolate vibrations, the spring is attached to the car by means of an aluminum mounting post attached to the radio plate.

^ Ventilated brake disc

Brakes -

The brake system consists of 2 steel plates merged with braking material ensuring efficient stopping power to the twin discs with air-cooling center. The braking action utilizes a cam system (the brake cam is hard anodized), which further ensures the smoothest braking action.

^ Front bumper

Bumper -

The front bumper is constructed from a high impact resistant composite and does an excellent job of protecting the Serpent 950R in a crash.

Suspension -

As with all cars in the Serpent range the Serpent 950 features independent double wishbone suspension.

^ New improved bearings

Bearings -

Supplied with new improved purple sealed high quality lightweight bearings throughout, the drive train is very efficient and runs very smoothly.

^ Front axle and drive cups

Front axle -

The front axle is made from high-grade aluminum and contains the best quality one-way bearings lubricated with Serpent one-way lube. This ensures a consistent drive to the front HUDY manufactured spring steel drive cups.

^ Wheel axles

Wheel Axles -

Made from HUDY spring steel, the front and rear wheel axles are very durable and ultra strong. These are a precision fit for the main bearings and when mounted are combined with special conical washers to ensure a tight precise wheel fit.

^ Rear axle

Rear Axle -

Made from HUDY spring steel the solid rear axle is very durable and ultra strong providing a perfect base to mount the rear drive pulley.

^ Pivot balls

Pivot balls -

Made from HUDY spring steel these polished 8.5mm pivot balls are virtually unbreakable and ensure the smoothest suspension movement possible.

^ Front and rear driveshafts

Drive shafts -

Serpent use only the highest quality drive train in their cars and this car is no exception. It comes supplied with the finest HUDY spring steel drive shafts capable of withstanding constant punishment; these shafts are ultra durable and very stiff allowing you to put all your power to the tarmac.

^ Belt driven

Belt system -

Serpent use Kevlar reinforced drive belts. The Serpent 950R uses three main belts, driven by a series of composite pulleys mounted on aluminum pulley adapters. This makes for a very smooth and efficient drive system and one that never slips and can withstand severe punishment.

^ Front & rear anti-roll bar

Anti-Roll bars -

The Serpent 950R comes supplied with an adjustable front anti-roll bar and top mounted 3.0mm rear anti-roll bar. An optional adjustable rear anti-roll bar (#909335) is also available for extra set-up possibilities.

^ Quick Release system

Quick Release system -

The Serpent 950R comes standard with spring loaded aluminum quick release levers. This reliable and time saving system enables very quick tire changes during long distance races, allowing you to get back on the track in as little time as possible.

^ Mounted tires

Tires -

The Serpent 950R comes complete with a full set of the finest quality 35‹ shore Ellegi Technics rubber trued and glued on Serpents ultra rigid BBS style yellow wheels.

Fastening material -

The car contains high quality, ultra light, coated aluminum screws to keep weight down yet without compromising strength.

Powerstart -

To enable you to start your Serpent 950R with the greatest of ease Serpent provide the necessary alignment brackets for your Powerstart starter box.

Adjustment -

The Serpent 950R is a top-level competition racer and is therefore fully adjustable. The racer can change numerous settings easily and effectively, including the suspension geometry. The up and down stops can be easily accessed and easily adjusted with optimum effect. Castor, toe-in, camber and wheel base can also be adjusted with ease, as well as the front and rear roll-centers.

Manuals -

To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full color instruction manual and set-up guide. Also supplied with the car is a separate brochure containing all the exploded views and latest options as well as a Serpent 950R decal sheet.


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