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> Serpent 950-R 1/8 4WD (#902004)

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Gas Cars > 1/8

Based on the ultra successful Serpent 950, the 'R' represents refinement to an already highly competitive car. Taking the basics we have further tweaked the design to improve balance & handling, lower the center of gravity and make the car easier to use. The results are innovative without being too radical, Performance through Evolution.

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> Specifications

Major titles: 2003 European Champion, 2003 US National Champion, 2003 US Winternats Champion
Clutch system: Centax-II™ clutch system with interchangeable hard anodized alu. gears 16-19T std
Instructions: Full color instruction manual and set-up guide
Max. speed: 120km/h +
Suspension: Independant double wishbone suspension. Optional pushrod activated front shock absorber system
Not included: Engine and pipe, body, radio equipment, 5-cell battery pack
Chassis: 5mm 7075 aerospace quality aluminum, precision CNC machined
Shock absorbers: 4-Step adjustable hydraulic shocks, composite shock bodies with keyed shock pistons
Radio plate: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined with laid down throttle and steering servos
Wheel base: Adjustable 296 - 300mm +/-1.7mm
Fuel tank: 125cc new design with AFL lid
Track-width front: 250mm - 260mm
Front axle: Aluminum front axle with one-way bearings. New adjustable front belt tension
Track-width rear: 260mm - 266mm
Rear axle: Solid rear axle
Purpose: High-end competition
Adjustability: Camber, Caster, Down-stops, Up-stops, Toe-in, Track width, Wheel base, Front roll center
Gearbox: Lightweight 2-speed with interchangeable color coded gears 45-48T std
Class: 1/8th scale gas on-road, IFMAR rules
Weight: 2.520kg (depending on radio