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> 2-speed gearbox LC (no shaft incl) (#902410)

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> Description

Serpent is proud to introduce the second generation of the 2 speed automatic gearbox that it pioneered some 19 years previously. Based on the same principle, the new LC gearbox is much lighter than the original, thanks to reduction in surface area of the main elements. The new 2-speed is also more efficient, user friendly and easier to maintain, with only the timing of the gear change to adjust.

Everything required is included, with the exception of the gearbox shaft, to be able to construct this gearbox including a set of colour-coded gears (49/45) and all the bearings and fasteners.

The gearbox comes as standard on the Serpent 705, 835 & 950 but can be installed on all modern Serpent cars with the installation of a new gearbox shaft.