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> Serpent 966 -TE v2 1/8 scale 4WD (#903011)

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Gas Cars > 1/8

Serpent 1/8 scale 4wd gaspowered racing car chassis in the Team edition v2. Main news for the 966 - TE Team Edition V2 - Centax True Motion clutch system - RCM shocks The Serpent 966-TE already included: - SL8 gearbox included, for lower inertia - front aero bumper - split-type carbon radioplate with flex-control, and front stiffner/support - new front upper geometry with inner pivots more out and shorter upper arms, for more corner entry grip and more corner speed - new rear upper geometry wth new camber-bracket, and upper camber-rods instead wishbone - rear lower shockmounts/extenders in carbon, for new shock-angle

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Germany: Toni Gruber 2012 Champion with 966-TE (2012/09/16)


Toni Gruber won the 2012 National Championship Title with Serpent 966-TE, in Dormagen Germany.

He also took the 2012 Junior title.

Congratulations with this great result.

Team Serpent

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01-08-12EFRA EC 1/8 2012; Portugal; finals; 2 x 966-TE in the main
29-07-12EFRA 2012 EC 1/8 GP onroad
06-07-12Serpent 966-TE in full detail
13-06-12France: Ramella with 966-TE is 2012 French Champion
29-05-12Japan: 1/8 Nats; podiumfinish and 3 966-TE in the final
24-05-12France: EC-B 1/8 onroad: Sabrina with 966-TE 4th after quali
26-03-12Spain: Nacho Lopez wins 1/8 Nast with 966-TE
08-03-12Intro: Serpent release v2 version of the 966-Team Edition 1/8
26-01-12Germany: Philip Sting re-joins Team Serpent and 966-TE
20-01-12USA: Paolo Morganti TQ and Win the Novarossi Challenge
11-01-12Malaysia: Serpent 733 and 966 win on roof-top track
08-01-12Italy: Top-driver Luca Piromalli joins Team Serpent 966
06-12-11France: Colinet with Team Serpent 966-TE
17-10-11UK: Branson wins Nats and takes Championship 2011
09-10-11Italy: Serpent 966 takes 2011 South Tirol Series (Italy)
02-10-11UK: TQ and Top 3 for Serpent 966 at UK National
25-09-11USA Nationals 2011: Morganti TQ and victory with Serpent 966-TE
16-08-11Japan: Masao Tanaka takes JRCC award for 1s place with Serpent
27-07-11EC 1/8 scale onroad: van Gastel is vice-Champion with 966-TE
25-07-11Japan Nats 1/8: Tanaka TQ with 966, 4th place in final
17-07-11Austria: Wendy Patrick wins with 966-EVO in Austrian nats 1/8
03-07-11Giesa with Serpent 966 /Xceed Euro-Champ 1/8 scale 40+
03-07-11UK: Kyle TQ's and wins round 4 BRCA 1/8
30-06-11Brasil; Fabricio Zamperetti with 966 National Champ F2
28-06-11Salven wins 1/8 scale class with Serpent 966
09-06-11UK: Tim Woods with 966-evo takes 2nd win in UK Nats
03-06-11USA: Jeremy Cupps wins Texas Biggy with 966
01-06-11EC-B 1/8 Germany onroad: 3 Serpent into main final
25-05-11EC-B 1/8 onroad: Eberle and Giesa with 966 3rd and 4th
18-05-11Salven explains on 966 WC parts 2011
10-05-11WC 1/8 onroad USA 2011: Paolo reports
26-04-11Australia: Bartolozzi wins NSW Champs with 966-EVO
25-04-11UK, Kyle Branson wins 1/8 scale nats
18-04-11WC 1/8 2011 Sabrina WC 1/8 interview
16-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: eventfull last day ends the WC hopes for Serpent
14-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: Morganti takes round 4 with Serpent 966
14-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: final qualifying ranking and mains -list files
13-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: Morganti sets fastest laptime so far 15.99
13-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: 2 heats done, 2 more to go
11-04-11WC 1/8 onroad USA: qualifying starts today
10-04-11WC 1/8, USA: Free Practise is over
05-04-11Spain: Lopez makes podium finish with 966-evo
05-04-11WC 1/8-USA: track seems ready to go, thursday practise starts
04-04-11WC 1/8 onroad: interview with USA top-driver Paolo Morganti
30-03-11WC 1/8: interview with Andrea Cristiany, Italy
30-03-11WC 1/8: Mark Green intro interview
14-03-11Serpent main sponsor of 2011 IFMAR WC 1/8 onroad USA
14-01-11New: Serpent 966-EVO 1/8 scale onroad
22-12-10Sweden: Mikael Fransson rejoins Serpent for 1/10, 1/8 and 1/12 scale
07-12-10China: Salven wins Xceed TRS Cup in Shanghai with Serpent 966/Mega
11-11-10Germany west: complete Serpent 966 podium at Endurance Team Race
25-10-10FEMCA: Suruth with Serpent 966 FEMCA 2010 Champion
24-10-10USA: Morganti wins NR-cup in Homestead with Serpent 966
21-10-10USA: Serpent wins Heart of America Series
18-10-10Germany-West: Hepp wins with Serpent 966 last race and 2010 title !!
17-10-10FEMCA 2010 Championship gas onroad, Acotrack HongKong
14-10-10Italy: Andrea Lorenzi Italian Champion 2010 F1 with 966/Max.
11-10-10UK: TQ for Green, win for Branson both Serpent 966,
11-10-10Italy: Serpent 966 racers dominate Alpen-Cup
11-10-10England: Tim Wood 2008-2009- 2010 National Champion 1/8 with Serpent
05-10-10Sotiropoulos 1/8 Greek Champion 2010
05-10-10Francisco Lara wins Spanish Championship over 40
03-10-10Sabrina reports German Champ 1/8 in Rötz
27-09-10Germany: 1/8 Nats: victory for Klaus Lechner with Serpent 966
25-09-10England: Kyle TQs and wins 1/8 BRCA Nats in Brooklands Serpent 966
19-09-10Netherlands: Victory and National title for van Gastel with Serpent 966
13-09-10Serpent 733 dominate 3rd round of the South African Championships
13-09-10Swedish Cup Series 2010 final round Eskilstuna
07-09-10Francisco Rinaldi and S-966 conquer the podium at the Argentinian Nats
05-09-10Austria: 1/8 nats: victory for Patrick Wendy 966/Mega
02-09-10England: Green TQ and Kyle wins both with 966 at BRCA nats 1/8
01-09-10Germany: EFRA GP 1/8 onroad, Sabrina reports
31-08-10USA: Ciccarello wins GLC with Serpent 966
29-08-10Germany, EFRA GP8; all Serpent podium 966, van Gastel wins 966-Mega
29-08-10USA: Paul Ciccarello with 966 wins Great Lakes Challenge
28-08-10Germany, EFRA GP8; qualifying done, 3 x 966 in top 4
15-08-10EC 1/8 40+ Austria: Alain Levy European Champion with 966
14-08-10UK 1/8 Nats TQ for 966-Bransson and win for 966-Wood
04-08-10Report of the Valladolid Race by Nacho López
04-08-10Warm up German Championship 1/8
04-08-10Serpent wins both classes at the Malaysia Shepherd Cup Round 3 at the Niko Racing Circuit
27-07-10Benelux: van Gastel wins with 966, full Serpent podium
06-07-10Andrea Cristiani report European championships at the Locorotondo track
04-07-10EC 1/8 Italy: Serpent puts 3 cars in the main
03-07-10EC Italy 1/8 gp. qualifying done
01-07-10EC 1/8 Italy: more pictures and 1st practise results
30-06-10Italy: EC 1/8 Team Serpent doing well in practise
29-06-10Italy: EC 1/8 Team Serpent for open practise
27-06-10Kimbrow reports the US onroad nats
20-06-10John Ermen Wins NK at Utrecht track
17-06-10Greece: 1/8 TQ and victory for Serpent driver Sotiropoulos
15-06-10French Nationals 1/8 gas, Redding
13-06-10Japan: Tanaka wins 1/8 Nats with Serpent 966/Max
13-06-10Dutch GP 1/8: TQ and win for van Gastel / 966/Mega, 3rd place Hepp/966
13-06-10USA Nationals: victory for Tosolini /966 and in Masters Davis/966
07-06-10Portugal: south Series Serpent 966 2 and 3 on podium
06-06-10Belgium: all Serpent 966 podium in Gernk opening-race, Ermen wins
06-06-10Monaco; Sabrina reports on the EC-B 1/8
30-05-10EC-B 1/8 Monaco: Tedeschi with Serpent 966 European Champion
29-05-10EC-B 1/8: Lorenzi TQ with Serpent 966/Max
28-05-10EC-B 1/8 Monaco, Wood (Uk) with 966/Mega tops the sheets
27-05-10EFRA EC-B Monaco
25-05-10R.A.M.S RC Race may 22-23 2010
25-05-10EFRA EC-B 1/8 onroad, Monaco
24-05-10Portugal: 1/8 race report; 6 x 966 in the final
19-05-10Spain: Lopez podium finish in Valencia: report
19-05-10UK: Mark Green (966) Tq's and wins BRCA 1/8 scale nats
17-05-10Italy, Sandro Sammarini wins with 966 in Riccione
17-05-10Christian's report of the Kamikaze Invitational race
16-05-10Argentina: 1st round ARG champs; Serpent victory !
11-05-102nd Round Dutch Championship Rucphen
09-05-10Italy, F1 Nationals:1st Lorenzi and 3rd lodeserto with 966
04-05-10Andrea Cristiani report the first race of the Italian championship at the Locorotondo track
03-05-10Kamikaze Rc Racing's Report of the Motonica GP in Las Vegas
03-05-10Second South German Round Championship in Greuthof
01-05-10UK, Mendip; 5 x Serpent 966 in the final
28-04-10Texas Biggy: Cupps (966) TQ-s and wins 2010
26-04-10UK: Mark Green (966) Tq's and wins BRCA 1/8 scale nats
26-04-10Italy, Fiorano; Serpent 1/8 races
26-04-10Germany west: Hepp ( 966) and Rönicke (966) take victory in 1/8
20-04-10Germany; Bamberg race, Sabrina reports
20-04-10Spain: Lopez with 966 wins Nationals warm-up
18-04-10Italy: EFRA GP 1/8: Sabrina reports
13-04-10Flavio wins the 1st round of the Brazilian Championship
12-04-10USA: Morganti TQ's and wins FSS with 966
11-04-10Italy, Poliseno Brian wins South Tirol Series
05-04-10Germany West: Serpent podium in 1/8 gas
01-04-10Ilia van Gastel report Warm Up Locorotondo Italy
30-03-10Holland, Ermen reports from 1/8 Nats
30-03-10EC 1/8 warm-up onroad, video semi's
30-03-10Tony Fileccia reports from the Fairplex Pomona track in California
28-03-10Tobias Hepp; confirmed for 2010 with Serpent
21-03-10Italy, EC 1/8 warm-up results, Andrea on podium
18-03-10EC 1/8 onroad warm-up, Italy
15-03-10France 1/8 Nats: full Serpent podium with 966
14-03-10Lopez with 966 fast in Spain Nats 1/8
01-03-101/8 IFMAR Onroad Worlds track, USA
15-02-10Winternats 2010 by DJ Apolaro
10-02-10Nacho López report Cerdanyola Modelcar Track
27-01-10Agustin Cutini joins Team Serpent Argentina
26-01-10Jim Adkins reports from NovaRossi Challenge, Cali
25-01-10Paul Ciccarello to run Serpent 966 and joins SerpentAmerica
21-12-09Ilia van Gastel returns to Team Serpent
16-12-09DJ wins State Series with 966
13-12-09Huang Yi-Hou wins Taiwan national with 966
09-12-09Kissimmee race Report by Sean Lue
06-12-09Sean Lue takes victory in USA Open Nats with 966
25-11-09Brasil, Flavio takes title with 966
09-11-093-hour race win for Serpent 966 plus team
04-11-09Flavio TQ and wins the 2009 Copa America with 966
03-11-09Sabrina reports, Race / Fair Friedrichshafen
26-10-09Andrea's report of Monaco
26-10-09Riccobono report of Monaco / 966
25-10-09Serpent Taiwan Cup, young Huang-Yi-Ho wins
25-10-09Andrea Cristiani wins GP Monaco / Serpent 966
25-10-09Dani Vega runs Serpent 966 for test
20-10-09NRW Cup, Hepp wins series with Serpent 966
19-10-09Ricardo Henriques takes 4th spot at Portugal Cup
14-10-09Tim Wood takes UK 2009 title with Serpent 966
13-10-09French Cup, 5 x 966 in the final and 2x 966 on the podium
11-10-09Domanin and Truglio: Italian Champions 1/8 scale Serpent 966
07-10-09October-Fest Races, reports Sabrina
04-10-09Germany North: Merlin Depta wins with Serpent 966
04-10-09Alpen-Cup: Wopfner with Serpent 966, TQ, win and Series winner
02-10-09UK: Mark Green (966) TQ's and wins UK National Mendip
01-10-09Italy 966 demo, Calce, track Cassino, video
29-09-09Germany: Hepp (966) TQ's and wins in Oberhausen
28-09-09Serpent dominates Polish Nationals
27-09-09ITA: Calce wins NR Trofeo with Serpent 966
21-09-09Ireland: Two Podium finishes for Serpent at Irish Nationals
20-09-09Austria: Tomaschko wins National with Serpent 1/8
15-09-09Holland: 1/8 Nats Serpent 966 takes 2 and 3 op poidum
15-09-09France: FC 1/8 Clermont Ferrand: 3rd Riccobono -966
09-09-09Mark Green reports about his World championship race in Lostallo
08-09-09Slovanic Cup, Belarus; Results 1/8 scale
06-09-09Spain: Jacky Mouton European Champion with 966
06-09-09USA: Qualifying a the Nats GP 1/10 and 1/8
01-09-09Andrea Cristiani report 1/8 World Championships in Lostallo
01-09-09Germany; NRW Challenge: Hepp wins 1/8 with 966
01-09-09Flavio wins 4th round of São Paulo Championship in São José dos Campos
30-08-09Paolo Morganti reports World Championships 1/8 in Lostallo
25-08-09WC 1/8: Sabrina reports
16-08-09WC: good practise for Team Serpent
13-08-09WC 1/8: Practise started
10-08-09UK: Serpent wins 1/10 and 1/8 nitro
10-08-09Slavonic Cup: all info now online 1/8 scale
09-08-09Polen: rc racing GP Pacanow
14-07-09UK: Green Tq's and wins with 966, top 4 x 966
14-07-09Italy: 1/8 nats in Gubbio, good results with 966
13-07-09Brasil: Flavio Elias (966) is the 2009 1/8 On road Brazilian Champion!
13-07-09Germany: 1/8 Nats Gruber Junior Champ and overall 3rd.
13-07-09Germany: 1/8 Nats Sabrina reports
13-07-09Argentina: racereport
12-07-09Taiwan: Jones wins 1/8 National GP with Serpent 966, Wang 2nd.
10-07-09Brasil; Denilson with 966 wins 1st Cpoa Vale
29-06-09Swiss: 1/8 warm-up race: Sabrina reports
28-06-09Swiss: 1/8 WC warm-up results
17-06-09Sabrina Lechner reports from Europe
16-06-09France: Serpent TQ / wins both classes Elite and National with 966
14-06-09DJ Apolaro reports Bumod Grand prix 2009
09-06-09USA: Maxy Velazco takes win at Capitol Classic with 966
09-06-09Serpent is the leader of the Round 2 of Belarus RC National Championship.
07-06-09Germany 1/8: TQ and complete Serpent 966 podium in North
03-06-09Turkye: Bumod Grand Prix
31-05-09Italy: EC-B Final result: Vadala 3rd for Serpent, 4 cars in the final
30-05-09Italy, EC 1/8 B: Qualfying finished
29-05-09Italy: EC-B 1st heat
28-05-09Jordy Blok wins Concours d'elegance
25-05-09Team Serpent: Jilles Groskamp
24-05-09Italy, EC-B 1/8 Cassino
24-05-09Valentio Rossi with Serpent 966 video
19-05-09Italy, Cristiani wins Sprint Trofeo with S966
19-05-09Florida Series Season Finale
18-05-09UK: Serpent 966 Green TQ and Serpent 966 / Wood win
17-05-09Andreas Giesa wins first round of German Northern Championship
10-05-09Italy: Valentino Rossi races Serpent 966
04-05-09Brasil: Flavio Elias TQ and winner with Serpent 966
04-05-09France: Elite class 1/8 (report Riccobono )
04-05-09France: 1/8 National class: Serpent TQ and win
03-05-09Valentino Rossi meets Serpent driver Andrea Cristiani (966-Italy)
26-04-09Dutch 1/8 GP: Serpent 966 takes top 4 position in qualifying
21-04-09Germany: Victory for Gruber with 966/MegaZX in Section-East
19-04-09New Zealand: 966 track test and race
19-04-09Germany: Sabrina wins with Serpent 966 South Series
19-04-09UK Nats: Green Tq's with 966 and Pete Hastings with 966 takes the win
14-04-09France: 1/8 Nats: Colinet Tq's and wins with Serpent 966
08-04-09966 Serpent Spring Steel drive-shafts branded
07-04-09Italy: 1/8 Nats Cassino
06-04-09First Dutch National Championship at the Rucphen track
05-04-09Gianni Sotiropoulo wins first national race in Greece with 966
02-04-09Scoop: Valentino Rossi secret test of the Serpent 960 in Italy
30-03-09966 takes victory at the Texas Biggie
29-03-09Germany, Schewiola wins 1st race with S966/Mega ZX in West-Championship
25-03-09Grand Prix EFRA 1/8 Aulnay
23-03-09S-blog: Sabrina Lechner, GP France
21-03-09France: EFRA GP 1/8 Aulnay
19-03-09Serpent 966 and upgrade, supply update
16-03-09Germany, Sabrina Lechner to race Serpent 966 -720 in 2009
15-03-09Paolo Morganti report Florida Winternats
15-03-09Paolo Morganti report Round 6 of Florida State Series
15-03-09Serpent 966 set-up sheets now online
11-03-09Team France 1/8 with former champs Christiany and Aygon onboard
10-03-09Flavio Elias TQ’s and wins 1st Brasil Nats with 966 !!!
26-02-09Flavio/Brasil on podium at Winternats with 966
31-01-09Serpent 966 scoop-3
22-12-08Serpent 960 - DJ wins Toys for tots race
09-12-08Cyprus, Charalambous claims back 1:8 Championship & title with S960
09-12-08Brasil: Flavio 2008 champion with 960
12-11-08Andrea Cristiani wins Motonica trophy
12-11-08Matticoli vice-champion at Copa Americano in ARG
03-11-08Dutch Serpent rc car driver tests in F3 car
29-10-08Nam is Korean Champion 2008 with Serpent
26-10-08Germany, Merlin wins with 960
21-10-08Serpent Drivers Claim All 3 Major On-Road IC Championships in 2008.
21-10-08Flavio Elias & Serpent are Brazilian Champions
09-10-08Tim Wood takes UK 2008 1/8 championship for Serpent
08-10-08Robin d'Hondt 1/8 Belgian Champion 2008
16-09-08Double Hungarian Championship honours for Serpent
16-09-08The Apolaro Report - Florida State Series
16-09-08Rischard Dirk is Lux. Champion
15-09-08Charalambous take win for Serpent in Cyprus
15-09-08Ermen checks in - Dutch Nationals Round 5
11-09-08The Apolaro Report - 1:8 US Nationals
26-08-08Wood takes second 1:8 BRCA win
21-08-08The Apolaro Report - Podium at Great Lakes Challenge
19-08-08Victory in Luxembourg for Hepp
12-08-08Hepp wins German regional race
12-08-08ORCA Championship title for Byrne
06-08-08D'hondt's view - Belgain Championship Round 4
28-07-08Lackner takes European 1:8 Junior title
25-07-08Fantini puts 960 on EC pole position
24-07-08Serpent victory at Texas Biggie
14-07-08Kurzbuch wins Round 3 of Swiss Nationals
13-07-08Connolly is 2008 Irish Champion
11-07-08Wombwell victory for Wood
08-07-08John Ermen checks in - Victory in Luxembourg
07-07-08Connolly repeats double
23-06-08Double Podium for Serpent in Swedish Cup
16-06-08Paolo Morganti reports on Capitol Classic
16-06-08Serpent 1-2-3 at ORCA Race
08-06-08Champion Cabezas takes first win
04-06-08Dirk wins Luxembourg National
03-06-08Connolly first to do the double in Ireland
28-05-08Cristiani wins Italian 1:8 Open Championship
27-05-08Futaba OS Jakarta Open report from Peter Widjaja
21-05-08The Apolaro Report - Roar Region 4 Championships
20-05-08Hicklin maintains Serpent winning run
18-05-08Return victory for Lacey
13-05-08Salven eases to Oberhausen victory
11-05-08Salven to support Serpent drivers at 1:8 EC-B
04-05-08Tomaschko wins 1:8 EC-B Warm Up Race
27-04-08Serpent 960 1-2-3 at Halifax
27-04-08TQ & Podium for Lackner in Swiss Nationals
24-04-08Serpent 960-08 kit production ready
15-04-08Robin D'Hondt reports on his first Belgian National encounter
14-04-08Serpent get Hungarian Nationals off to a great start
07-04-08Great start to Irish Nationals for Team Serpent
07-04-08Cabezas takes first podium in Round 2
02-04-08Andrea Cristiani reports on the Italian Nitro Tour
31-03-08Nam takes double win at KORG
26-03-08Italian Serpent Nitro Tour returns to Fiorano
26-03-08Diver wins BRCA 1:8 Season opener
05-03-08Champion Sotiropoulos wins Greek Nationals opener
27-02-08Paolo Morganti reports on how 'the unbreakable broke'
25-02-08Cabezas breaks track record in Spanish 1:8 opener
24-02-08Too little fuel, too much rain - Jared Scott gives his account of the Winternats
29-01-08Tobias Hepp joins SDD program
23-01-08Another successful Hong Kong Nitro Tour
06-01-08Hong Kong kicks off 2008 Serpent Nitro Tour
16-12-07Serpent introduce the 960-08
28-11-07Sang Jun & Hyun Ho win 2007 Korea Cup
19-11-07Zachariades claims back to back 1:8 Championships & title double
13-11-07Nations Cup glory for Spain and Netherlands
30-10-07Sotiropoulos is Greek 1:8 Champion Again!
24-10-07Serpent end BRCA Nationals with 960 1-2 finish
21-10-07Back to back Spanish National titles for Cabezas
21-10-07Defending Nations Cup Champions announce strong 2007 squad
16-10-07Serpent Racing School AMCA Apeldoorn
15-10-07Spain confirms Serpent Nations Cup teams
14-10-07WC - Andrea Cristiani is Vice World Champion
12-10-07WC - Fantini & Serpent 960 claim TQ in Cordoba
10-10-07WC - Fantini holds pole position going into day 3
09-10-07WC - Serpent top qualifying after 2 rounds
01-10-07Green & Serpent are British 1:8 Champions
01-10-07Austria announce strong Nations Cup squad
25-09-07Luxembourg title for Rischard & Serpent 960
24-09-07Team Serpent Brazil secure another double win
10-09-07Connolly heads Serpent 1-2 in Irish National
03-09-07Bergfelt is Swedish Champion
27-08-07Green claims fifth 1:8 win in UK Championship
20-08-07Serpent/Mega dominate 3rd Round of South African Championships
20-08-07Dalton Touring Master
30-07-07Ireland first to confirm teams for 2007 Nations Cup
27-07-07Salven TQ's European Championships
26-07-07Serpent host EC BBQ, Geisendorf Fastest
26-07-07Serpent heads EC Qualifying as Cuypers is fastest at Lostallo
24-07-07SangJun and DooHyun win latest Serpent Korea Cup encounter
22-07-07Green shows the way again in latest British 1:8 encounter
15-07-072007 Nations Cup date announced
10-07-07Serpent do the double at Trofeo Novarossi
10-07-07D'Hondt wins at Bierset
04-07-07De Vallier & Serpent crowned Italian Junior Champions
01-07-07D'Hondt claims Benelux Championship title
27-06-07Suruth triumphs at Singapore Invitational Challenge
26-06-07Cupps wins at Region Nine ROAR Championships
25-06-07Wood wins to keep Serpent domination intact
17-04-07Colinet triumphs at Besançon
17-04-07D'hondt on top in Belgium
12-03-07Cabezas conquers all in Spanish Nationals opener
09-11-06Tadahiko Sahashi (Serpent/Mega) TQ's Japan Nats 1/8
12-06-06Masao Tanaka 2006 Asia-FEMCA championships
10-06-06GP 1/8 Sweden
10-06-06GP 1/8 Sweden. Salven interview
01-06-06Fransson wins 1/8 National with S960
28-05-06Andrea Serpent 960/Max wins EC-B 2006
27-05-06Christiani (I) Serpent 960/Max TQ at 2006 EC-B France
23-05-06Cuypers wins 1/8 scale Belgian Nats in Luxemboug
17-05-06Racing in Argentina
06-05-06Team Serpent / Mega dominate the Florida Series
03-05-06Races 30 april 2006
25-04-06Swiss 1/8: Geisendorf TQ and win in Schaffhausen
24-04-06Nock Yokoyama TQ and Tanaka 1st both Serpent 960
28-03-06FRANCE GP 1/8
25-03-06Salven TQ at French GP 2006
15-02-06Central Park Endurance race 150 minutes
05-01-062-Speed GMBH new Serpent-Mega distributor for Germany
04-01-06Arya from Indonesia at Hong Kong Serpent Nitro Tour