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Serpent 1/8 scale Viper 977 racing car. 2013-2014 IFMAR TQ and World Champion, Japan Tadahiko Sahashi with Viper 977 Gaspowered toplevel racecar with 4wd, belt-drive, Centax true motion clutch, SL8 gearbox, flex-system front and rear, brake on rear axle, front one-ways, rear sold axle, ballraced anti-rollbars. A fully adjustable race chassis to the latest spec and technology. Lighter, simpler, stronger, new geometry, more tuning features.

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New bumper for Viper 977 1/8 onroad (2015/05/19)


903379 Bumper aero 966-977 plus inserts L+R
903618 Aero bumper inserts L+R 977

For the Serpent 966 ( all versions) and Viper 977 ( all versions) Serpent introduce this new version of the front bumper, which features click type inserts on the left and right.

Serpent teamdriver Merlin Depta came up with this idea, so you can change fast between racing with or w/h inserts. Itís a few second job to insert or remove. Once inserted they click really firmly in place.

Running without inserts normally gives more steering, especially in high speed corners. Yet its al about set-ups and testing,...

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12-06-14Scoop: Serpent Viper 977 turns electric >> 977-e
01-06-14Italy: Abisset European Champion 1/8 EC-B
04-12-13Optionals for 977 Viper
29-10-13World Championship report by Tadahiko and Yuya Sahahsi
29-10-13Serpent Viper 977: H-type composite suspension parts
11-10-13Japan WC 1/8 onroad: Tadahiko WORLD CHAMPION 2013
08-10-13Japan Wc 1/18 onroad: Serpent Viper on pole !
04-07-13RC MAN reviews Serpent Viper 977
12-06-13Korea-Team: Top-driver Choi with Serpent 977
05-06-13Germany-ENS; Green takes win, 6 Viper in the final.
24-05-13Austria: Nacho Lopez Vice-Champion with Viper at EC-B
24-04-13Viper 977: aluminium optionals
23-04-13Germany: 1/8 onroad Top-driver Christian Wurst back with Serpent
22-04-13Viper alu and brass optionals
21-04-13Viper 977: tech-tip
17-04-13Viper 977: new carbon fibre option parts
14-04-13Viper 977: anti-roll bars FR and RR
25-03-13Serpent 977 shipping
26-02-13Serpent Viper 977: full info online
16-02-13Morganti wins Winternats with 977 Viper !!
10-02-13USA: Serpent 977 VIPER victory by Morganti
22-01-13Serpent Viper 977: interview with Designer Michael Salven
19-12-12Scoop II: Serpent 977 VIPER; more views
17-12-12Scoop: New Serpent 1/8 scale onroad racer in the works ....