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> Viper 977 WC Limited Edition (#903013)

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To celebrate the 2013-2014 TQ and World Championship win in Japan, by Serpent driver Tadahiko Sahashi from Japan, Serpent introduces the Serpent Viper 977 Wc Limited Edition The Serpent Viper 977 WC Limited Edition features a number of optional parts which World Champion Tadahiko used in his car. The Viper 977 setup that Tadahiko used to TQ and win the World Championship is also included. On top of that the chassis is engraved with the Viper 977 WC Limited Edition logo.

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#600117Tank cap seal silicone (2)
Tank cap seal silicone (2)
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#6626Coilsprings and screws 2-speed
Set of coilsprings and screws for 2-speed clutch shoes. Used for all Impact and Vector models. Lighter springs for Impulse gearbox available 801412.
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#903260Rear body mount arm long
Pair of rear long body mount arms.
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#903302Wheel-axles front CV set OS2
Complete set of front CVDs (constant velocity drive) for the Serpent 960 OS2 (offset 2) type. Set includes wheel axles and drive shafts and all parts required to complete the set.
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#903608Exhaust mount spring v2 (2)
Exhaust mount spring v2 (2)
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