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> Viper 977 EVO 1/8 GP 4wd (#903015)

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Viper 977 EVO 1/8 GP 4wd 2013-2014 IFMAR TQ and World Champion, Japan Tadahiko Sahashi with Viper 977 Gaspowered toplevel racecar with 4wd, belt-drive, Centax true motion clutch, XLi8 gearbox, flex-system front and rear, brake on rear axle, front one-ways, rear solid axle, ballraced anti-rollbars. A fully adjustable race chassis to the latest spec and technology. Lighter, stronger, new geometry, more tuning features. Design by Michael Salven

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SAM: Serpent XLi gearboxes: tech-tip (2016/07/07)


Serpent XLI- gearbox
this is used in the latest versions 977, 748 and GT

The attached tip helps to improve the setting and durability of the 2-speed.

Drivers often forget to re-set the gap between the shoes and the bell. With the smaller / lighter gearbox this must be checked more often than before.

The next manual versions will have this process as standard.

This tip can also be downloaded from the download section per car and the gearbox sets.

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19-08-15EC 1/8 onroad, Germany