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> Viper 988 1/8 GP (#903017)

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Serpent Viper 988 1/8 GP Gaspowered toplevel racecar with 4wd, belt-drive, Centax true motion clutch, XLi-8 gearbox, flex-system front and rear, brake on rear axle, front one-ways, rear solid axle, ballraced anti-rollbars, low big bore shocks, narrow rear end pivots. A fully adjustable race chassis to the latest spec and technology. 2017 German National Champion: Dominic Greiner

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Mark Green TQ's and Win at RD 6 of the BRCA 1/8th Championship (2019/07/17)


Round 6 of the BRCA 1/8th Circuit Nationals was held at Mendip RC Raceway this weekend. 32 drivers were in attendance in nitro and 7 had booked in electric. The track was nicely prepared and sprayed to ensure grip would be good and consistent. The track was still dusty for practice on Saturday morning but the grip quickly came up under the Somerset sun. It was all about getting good lines and watching tyre wear, which would prove to be a bit of an issue on race day. Sunday started as usual with the drivers’ briefing, during which a minute silence was observed in memory of Dave Waters, former BRCA...

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17-07-19Merlin Depta wins Round 4 of the North German IC Track at the MC Munster club
09-07-19Dominic Greiner report European Championship 1:8 in Montbonnet.
27-06-19Jeff Hamon joins Team Serpent
17-06-19Alex Thurston TQ and Win at RD 5 of the BRCA 1/8th Championship
31-05-19Guther van Staey reports ENS round 2 Rupchen NL
29-05-19Merlin Depta reports ENS round 2 Rupchen NL
28-05-19Michael Salven reports ENS round 2 Rupchen NL
28-05-19Mark Green reports ENS round 2 Rupchen NL
21-05-19Niklas Johansson wins in Sweden with Viper 988
09-05-19Mark Green wins round 2 of the BRCA series
08-05-19Alex Thurston reports on the round 2 of the BRCA series
07-05-19Merlin Depta takes North German regionals Rd1
06-05-19Alvaro Fernandez wins at National Championship B 1/8 On Road at Valencia
30-04-19Dominic Greiner wins round 1 ENS at Collari Raceway in Bologna
29-04-19Nacho Lopez wins the first 1/8 nationals in Valancia
10-10-18Nacho Lopez report of the last round of Spanish Nats in Sevilla
25-09-18Team Serpent takes 2 national titles at the US nationals.
19-09-18Michael Salven reports German Nationals in Ettlingen, 13-16 of September
18-09-18Joaquin De Soto reports 2018 Cow Patty at Nuggets Ranch Raceway
05-09-18Michael Salven takes Euopean title 1:8 over 40
01-09-18Joaquin De Soto wins the 2018 CLC 1/8th Open
23-08-18 Victor Gonzalez is the new Spanish Champion 1/8 On Road 2018
13-08-18Gunther van Staey wins Belgium championship.
02-08-18Cristobal Herrera wins Round 8 of the Chilean National IC Track Championship
27-07-18Dana Smeltzer wins Sanwa Grand Prix 1/8th Masters
26-07-18Joaquin De Soto jr takes the win at the 2018 Sanwa Grand Prix 1/8th Open
25-07-18Race report of the Barceloneta Caribbean National
14-07-18ENS Rd3 Aigen Report Merlin Depta
09-07-18Gunther van Staey takes second place at the Belgium Nationals
26-06-18Race report Mikael Fransson Swedish cup race 1 Växjö
14-06-18Race report Merlin Depta
05-04-18Spain: Alonso joins Team Serpent - 988
21-02-18Italy: Egidio Addesso joins Team Serpent 1/8 GP onroad
20-02-18USA: Merlin Depta at Winternats 2018 with 988
19-02-18Team: joins Team Serpent 988
19-02-18Team: Cuirlante joins Team Serpent
12-02-18Team: Tobias Hepp joins Team Serpent with Viper 988
25-10-17Michael Salven confirmed for the SAC 2017 in Hong Kong
09-10-17[ SPT News ] Greiner confirmed for Serpent Asia Cup 2017
04-10-17Serpent Viper 988 promopage ready
02-10-17SAC 2017: Nicholas Lee confirmed !
26-09-17Serpent Asia Cup 2017, Hong Kong
12-09-17Serpent with Viper 988 at the Worlds