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> Serpent VIPER 989 40th anniversary 1/8 GP (#903019)

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The Serpent Viper 989 40th anniversary is the latest development of Serpent on the 1/8 gas market. The Viper 989 has shown it’s potential at the first appearance at the world championship in steel city. With 2 cars in the main final and leading until 3 minutes from the end has shown that the work on it’s main features like weight, weight distribution, flex, transmission has been successful. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Serpent, we will come out with this edition of the 989, which is the exact replica of what the team used at the Worlds, including the parts necessary to also copy that exact set-up. Due to the unique circumstances at this race with the extreme grip, this set-up will not always work, but a more “standard” set-up is also possible The kit wil come with a Serpent Pit Mat 40th anniversary www.serpent.com/1904 and a Serpent Rugsack 1/8 www.serpent.com/1906

> Description

The wire type front anti-roll bar is ball raced. It is easy to change and adjust due to the open front end design. The standard wire is 2.5mm and 2 optional thicknesses are available. The pivot ball link system directs the suspension movement to the bar and allows easy tweak adjustment.
The steering blocks are connected to the arms with spring steel 8.5mm pivot balls, which run very smooth and well protected in nylon cups, and are easy to adjust with a 2.5 hex tool.

Key NEW features

The ultra-narrow keeps the improved flex characteristics. The chassis is milled down in less load-stressed areas to make it as light as possible and still remain stiff in areas where needed.

The left and right interchangeable upper arms are mounted with 3 position nylon suspension pin inserts.  The 3 position inserts allow camber-change adjustments and are held in place by the anodized aluminium top brackets. Below the top brackets, spacers can be used to change their angle or height. Caster is adjusted with clips on the upper pivot pins. The same clips are also used on the lower pivot pins to change wheelbase.

The black anodized aluminium front axle has Japan made one-way bearings. Spring steel drive cups connect to the long and thin spring-steel drive shafts with CVD system. The ball raced spring steel wheel axles have aluminium quick-change levers. The open front end design allows for very fast and easy removal of the front axle and driveline parts.

The central mounted seervosaver allows easy and fast Ackermann adjustment. The servosaver features a top mounted insert which can be used in 3 positions. Another 2 Ackermann positions are available on the steering blocks.

The rear end construction with aluminium brackets is a very open design, which allows for easy of maintenance and cleaning. Dis-assembly requires the removal of only a few screws. Replacing a belt if needed, is a simple task. The eccentric bearing holders on the rear shaft allow adjustment of belt tension. The whole rear end can be removed as one unit from the chassis by removal of only a few screws.

The wire type rear anti-roll bar is ball raced. It is mounted in the rear bearing blocks and is easy to change and adjust. The standard wire is 2.5mm and 2 optional thicknesses are available. The pivot ball link system directs the suspension movement to the bar and allows easy tweak adjustment.

The narrow solid rear axle in Serpent spring steel has a lightweight 9mm wide 48T pulley. The axle has a double slot for the driveshaft pin for lightness and long life. Spring steel, CVD type, drive shafts connect the rear shaft to spring steel wheel-axles with aluminium quick-change levers. A very durable and long lasting drivetrain.

The new rear lower wishbones have a hollow style design with closed bottoms for aerodynamics and separate top mounted moulded plates. The lower rear arms hold the link for the rear anti-roll bar and the alu mounting plate of the rear shocks. This plate moves the shock mounting position to the outside for improved geometry. Nylon clips are used on the lower rear pins to change wheelbase.

The durable composite uprights hold the ball raced wheel axles, with aluminium quick-change levers. On top of the up-right spacers can be added under the pivot ball to change roll centre and camber change.
Optional carbon fibre disks can be mounted on the side of the uprights for aerodynamic reasons. The rear uprights are connected to the arms with spring steel 8.5mm pivot balls, which run very smooth and well protected in nylon cups, and are easy to adjust with a 2.5 hex tool.
The adjustable rear upper camber links mount to a 4 position rear carbon fibre camber plate.

The rear floating body mount which is mounted on the up-rights with 2 arms is centred by a carbon-fibre and steel guider. The mount has 4 positions on each side to choose from, depending on body shell used and traction available. The threaded holes on the end of the body mount give the option to add further body-supports

Other main specs

- 4wd belt-driven race car
- Serpent spring steel axles with quick change system for the wheels
- Front and rear spring steel cvd shafts
- NSK bearings for the transmission
- Low friction belts and ball raced belt-tensioner
- Black anodized front shaft with one-way bearings and narrow rear solid axle
- super low inertia 2-speed gearbox
- Independent suspension with hydraulic low-friction shock absorbers
- Ball raced front and rear anti-roll bars

A large selection of optional parts is available to even further improve performance, speed, weight and looks.

- Website
- Promopage
- Facebook page
- Viper 988 Facebook user group
- Serpent Advanced user Manuals pages
- YouTube video’s
- Online set-up sheets
- Support from distributors, dealers and team drivers worldwide

A nice selection of shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, bags, tools and decals.

Serpent Viper 989
Designed by Michael Salven.
With great help from all team-drivers and 988/977 drivers!

The kit will come with some extra's:
1 pc Serpent Pit Mat 40th anniversary

The long durable front lower wishbones are the open-style arms similar to the 977. An aluminium shock mount plate is screwed onto the lower wishbone. This allows the shock attachment point to be placed further outwards improving shock motion. The front lower arms are mounted to the front brackets with nylon holders. The kit includes 2 versions: in and out. This system also enables quick and easy front drive shaft maintenance.

Of course the 988 closed arms are usable as well

The steering blocks, which are equal left and right, offer a system to change the axle position to a “trailing” or “leading” position, and the ability to change the kingpin-inclination and offset. This allows multiple options to fine tune steering balance in all phases of the corner. The steering block features an aluminium plate to connect the spring steel track-rods. They have 2 Ackermann options as well as a option 2 lever.
Optional carbon fibre disks can be mounted on the side of the steering blocks and uprights for aerodynamic adjustments.

Of course we kept the unique way to add weights, easily adjustable in it’s and the way it is it mounted to reduce vibrations by using a carbon weight bridge which is mounted in anti-vibration rubbers.

On top of that we have added the possibility to add a sliding weight right in the front, mounted on a carbon bridge. It helped a great deal in avoiding traction roll and fine-tuning the handling of the 989

The new midshaft assembly features a new block. This one is designed to move the shaft slightly forward. The front belt as a result is now 210mm long instead of 213mm

This was done to be able to use the sidebelt with only one belt tensioner instead of the two.
As a result the transmission is a lot more free.

The rear arms feature carbon inserts as used by the team at the Worlds

The front arms in the 989 40th anniversary kits are the open style arms of the 977, of course with the added mounts for the heave brackets

At the worlds the team also preferred another bumper. This has less steering than the 989 bumper but provided a more consistent feeling.

If more steering at high speed is needed, it is always possibly to use the 989 bumper

Another feature of this kit are the “option 2” steeringlevers. These provide a different ackerman for a smother, more linear feeling on the steering

Complete new front springs with a different rate and progressiveness are also part of this kit

2.5mm thick radioplate, as used by the team. A little bit less steering but more consistent under high grip circumstances

Another way to adjust flex which was successfully used by the team is a new additional bracket on top of the servosaver

General features

7075 T6 Aluminium 5mm chassis plate
The 5mm aluminium chassis has perfect symmetrical shape for even flex and weight distribution. The ultra-narrow chassis is very light, while it still remains strong in critical places.  The Viper 989 logo is laser engraved.

Instead of the 977 bumper, the 989 bumper can be used of course. It provides more steering at high-speed but it comes with a bit more “nervousness”

Serpent Rugsack 1/8 www.serpent.com/1906