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> Serpent VIPER 989 40th anniversary 1/8 GP (#903019)

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The Serpent Viper 989 40th anniversary is the latest development of Serpent on the 1/8 gas market. The Viper 989 has shown it’s potential at the first appearance at the world championship in steel city. With 2 cars in the main final and leading until 3 minutes from the end has shown that the work on it’s main features like weight, weight distribution, flex, transmission has been successful. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Serpent, we will come out with this edition of the 989, which is the exact replica of what the team used at the Worlds, including the parts necessary to also copy that exact set-up. Due to the unique circumstances at this race with the extreme grip, this set-up will not always work, but a more “standard” set-up is also possible The kit wil come with a Serpent Pit Mat 40th anniversary www.serpent.com/1904 and a Serpent Rugsack 1/8 www.serpent.com/1906

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Alvaro Fernandez joins Serpent Factory Team!! (2022/03/01)


Alvaro Fernandez joins Serpent Factory Team.

This is what Alvaro wanted to say:

"I want to say Big Thanks to Serpent for this opportunity! For me it´s a pride to be with this brand that was the first to support me at my age, and I hope we spend many years together with this!
I feel enormously grateful"

Alvaro Fernandez
Team Serpent

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21-02-22Lightweight 2-speed shaft set S989 (SER903810)
06-10-21Jonathan Gandin joins Serpent Factory Team!!
05-10-21Jonathan Gandin wins ACI National speed Trophy with the Viper 989 40th
03-08-21Manuel Trinko Joins Team Serpent!!
02-08-21Merlin Depta reports his ENS race at the Aigen track in Austria
20-09-20We welcome Tam Chi Man and Hui Chin Ho to Team Serpent Hong Kong 🇭🇰
17-08-20Michael Salven wins 40+ Maters race at ENS in Aigen Austria
22-06-20Viper 989 40th anniversary is shipping now!!!