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> Serpent Viper 990 4wd 1/8 GP (#903020)

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The Serpent Viper 990th is the successor of the successful 989. We have spent a lot of testing and research to improve the 989 platform. We put a lot of emphasis on the flex characteristic since that showed very promising results. On top of that we improved weight, weight distribution and ease of maintenance. Beside all these b=new features we kept 90% of our proven transmission and our excellent shock absorbers.

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Marco Weigerding joins Serpent Factory Team! (2023/11/13)


This is what Marco wanted to say:

Im so happy and thankful to join the serpent racing team. Its an honor to join this team of rc history. Im very motivated to work together and Ill do my best for great results!
Thanks for this big opportunity, see you soon on the track

Team Serpent

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