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> Serpent Viper 990 EVO 1/8 GP (#903021)

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Gas Cars > 1/8

The Serpent Viper 990 EVO is the successor of the successful 990. It features new “flex shock mounts”, offering extra flex adjustment as well as having the possibility to fine-tune the shock positions. The EVO also features a new bumper which is lighter, offers more body support and is stiffer as well! It also improves aero due to a better fit to the bodyshell. Also part of the upgrade is a new tank as well as a new topdeck. On top of that we improved reliability.

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Jeff Hamon reports SIGP Sunpadow 2024 (2024/03/27)


Arriving in Xiamen, China at 1am on Wednesday it was a quick few hours sleep at the hotel before making the way to the ever impressive 3 Circles / Sunpadow Facility. Having been here in 2019 I quickly remembered being shocked on just how enormous this place was! RC HEAVEN.
Being quite unique this event offers to run EP TC and IC on the same track (different layouts). Deciding to run both Modified TC and 1/8 GP I knew it was going to be busy.. I may have underestimated just how busy..

Without much experience and knowledge yet with our new Serpent X20 ’24 I decided to concentrate a bit more...

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