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> Shock-set RCC front (2) (#903164)

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> Description

Now available to buy for all your Serpent chassis' are the all-new RCC shock absorbers. Sold pre-assembled, they have been machined from metal and are unique in that the shock bodies only open on the bottom half. Simple to assemble, they come with a fixed piston and no longer use a diaphragm as with the previous Serpent shocks. The result is an ultra-smooth and air-free shock absorber thanks to the self-bleeding system incorporated into the design.

The shock sets come with optional pistons in 1,2 & 4 holes to adjust your shocks dampening.

Additional Information

Available as separate sets for both the front and rear:
#903164 - Shock absorber set RCC FR (2)
#903165 - Shock absorber set RCC RR (2)