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> Centax flyweights PTFE machined for .21 (#903199)

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> Description

High Res Pic - #903199 - 2

Presenting these newly machined flyweights for use in your Centax clutch. Different from the original versions, these flyweights have been machined from a solid piece of material, where previously they had been injection moulded. This difference in manufacturing along with the use of carbon & graphite results in a denser material that makes the weights harder and therefore longer lasting and able to perform more consistently.

One other thing that makes these shoes better is the way they pivot, so instead of trailing flyweight, these are pushed out making for a slightly more aggressive clutch. Each of the 3 weights in the set also features a second hole into which the user can screw in a grub screw. This allows the racer to further increase the aggression of the clutch as it engages.