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> Bumper 977/ 966 aero (#903379)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/8
Suitable for:
Serpent 966 1/8 scale 4WD EVO
Serpent 966 -TE 1/8 scale 4WD
Serpent 966 -TE v2 1/8 scale 4WD
Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad
Viper 977 EVO-35th Anniversary Edition
Viper 977 EVO 1/8 GP 4wd
Viper 977 EVO-2 1/8 GP 4wd
Serpent VIPER 989 40th anniversary 1/8 GP
Serpent Viper 990 4wd 1/8 GP
Viper 977-e 1/8 scale 4wd EP
Viper 977-e EVO2 1/8 EP
Serpent Viper 989E 4wd 1/8 EP
Serpent Viper 990E 4wd 1/8 EP

New version front bumper for 966/960/977. Made of almost unbreakable composite nylon, with new shorter aerodynamic design. Higher curved edges on rear side to prevent bending down during the race. The bumper is shorter and the front is flatter to accommodate the low “noses” of the current bodyshells. Seperate inserts.

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903379  Bumper aero 966-977 plus inserts L+R
903618  Aero bumper inserts L+R  977

For the Serpent 966 ( all versions) and Viper 977 ( all versions)  Serpent introduce this new version of the front bumper, which features click type inserts on the left and right.

Serpent teamdriver Merlin Depta came up with this idea, so you can change fast between racing with or w/h inserts. It’s a few second job to insert or remove. Once inserted they click really firmly in place.

Running without inserts normally gives more steering, especially in high speed corners.  Yet its al about set-ups and testing, and for sure its very easy to change it fast now.

The Aero bumper sells as set with inserts, and the inserts separate.