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> Centax True Motion clutch set 1/8 (#903397)

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> Description

Serpent introduces new Centax clutches  for 1/8 onroad.

The development of the Centax clutch continues.  Serpentís designer Ron Ton  was the innovator of this revolutionary clutch system in the mid 90-ties.   Soon it has become the standard in onroad racing, as all other brands adopted similar systems.  

Many variations have been tried, but in the end it still comes close to the original idea.In the latest development  the tapered shape has been moved from the flywheel to the pressure plate instead, improves punch and reliability.  

Serpent continues the use of the hard Centax spring to set preload, as its less critical and faster to adjust.

The 1/8 scale Centax True motion clutch, has the black shoe and aluminum cutch housing as standard.  Yellow and red shoes can be tried as well, as well as the steel or light steel clutch housing.