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> Gearbox housing SL8 XLI (#903630)

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> Description

 Stronger 2-speed gearbox housing for 977 and GT8

Serpent introduces a new version of the 2-speed gearbox housing.  The new housing is thicker on the outside, so deformation will not happen anymore. The high quality NSK bearing is press-fit. To lower the extra weight rills are machined, which also add to the cooling and keeping same performance also over longer runs. The side-holes allow re-setting of the gearbox-shoes as needed.

The housing fits all SL8 XLi gearboxes which are standard in the Cobra GT8 and 977 EVO2 kits.

The housing are also used in the new car-kits and SL8 Xli 2-speed sets and parts.