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> Bumper 1/8 FLOW (#903663)

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> Description

Serpent's designer Michael Salven has created a superb looking and very effective and flexible front bumper-set for the Viper 977 series cars.

The new bumper is a 3 in one design. You can use the bumper full open, semi closed or fully closed.  The supplied inserts allow these changes in very little time. The inserts are easily and securely mounted in the bumper.   The bumper is of a very rigid design with large upwards sections/edges to keep it stabile also when hot and still absorb crashes well.
The lower side has nicely shaped aero fins to guide the air below the car and influence downforce/steering.

Michael Salven  about the on track performance and using the bumper as tuning aid:
The new bumper is a very nice design, I use it as a tuning aid as well as having just a good bumper which keeps the shape better.
Basically you can adjust the steering to your liking. Fully open has the least steering, Semi-open with using the scoops it provides very good high-speed steering. In the fully closed version it has the most low-speed steering which goes a long with a bit less high-speed steering. You will find this bumper very usefull.

903663   Bumper 1/8 FLOW
903664   Bumper insert set (2+2) FLOW