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> Camberlink riser 1/8 (2) (#903697)

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> Description

Camberlink riser steel 988 and 748 and more

Serpent introduces  the camberlink risers for 1/10 and 1/8 scale onroad for use on the top of the rear uprights .  They fit the latest versions Natrix 748 and Viper 988, but also to previous  cars and other brand cars.

The risers are precision machined in durable Serpent spring steel with brown finish and feature engraved numbers to keep better track of the change you make. The 1/10 version has a 5.8 mm ball and the 1/8 scale one 6.8mm.
Adjustment is made with a small tip from the side (in 1/8) or with a 2.5 mm hex in the top of the riser  (in 1/10).  

The risers are used instead of adding or reducing shims below the standard camberlink ball.

Michael Salven reports:
"  The advantage of the camberlink risers is that you can make the adjustment very fast and precise without dis-assembling any parts.  The adjustment can even be made during a practise heat  in the pits ".

804407   Camberlink riser 1/10 (2)
903697   Camberlink riser 1/8 (2)