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> Serpent Viper 989E 4wd 1/8 EP (#904005)

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Electric cars > 1/8 onroad

The Serpent 989E Viper is the latest Electric version of the 989. Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 989E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effective as possible. The 989E is based on the ultra-successful 989 gas racer and shares it’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate or the driveshafts

> Description

Power delivery starts with the batteries. We made room for serious power, 4S, 6S or more. There is plenty of space for them, still they are very low in the car.

Overview of the main specs
 Symmetrical chassis plate optimised flex and
 torsion, in 7075 T6 aluminium, anodised and
 laser engraved. Chamfered edges for more
 ground clearance when cornering and
 countersunk holes.
•Low big bore shocks
 Coated threaded shock bodies in high quality
 aluminium. Supersmooth x-ring / machined
 bushing package, to guide and seal the spring-
 steel piston rods. Precision machined pistons
 included in 3 types. Threaded pre-load
 shocknuts in alu with O-ring inside. Light but
 strong nylon spring-cups. Selected, matched
 and paired shock absorber springs with colour
•Shocktower front & rear
 The 3mm carbon fibre front and rear shocktower
 with 2 positions for the front and 3 positions
 for the rear for upper shock mounting.
•Steering blocks
 Very strong composite steering blocks with 2
 Ackermann positions, L and R use the same .
 The steering blocks feature inserts, which
 allow to change the kingpin inclination to a
 leading or trailing position. The steering
 blocks also allow use of the optional carbon
 fibre aero disks to be mounted for less flex
 and a more direct steering feel.
 Durable medium type composite uprights, which
 seat the wheel-axles bearings. The upright
 offers the mounting position for the steel
 camber-rod with L/R threading. Roll centre
 changes can be made on top of the upright with
 shims. The upright can be mounted with the
 optional carbon fibre aero disks for more rear
 grip and straight line stability.
•Wheel axles and driveshaft
 The durable spring steel wheel axles combined
 with spring steel driveshafts bring the power
 to the wheels.
 Precision moulded super-true pullies, which
 feature holed sidewalls to let debris move out
 easier. Light and durabele.
 Low friction Kevlar reinforced belts with fine
 pitch. Longlasting and smooth.
 The 989 includes one sheet with Serpent
 generic logos and one with 989 logos. Decals
 are very thin material and come pre-cut.

For the dragster lovers we also offer a wheelie bar as an option.

Further down we changed to a super wide, 10mm rear belt. The power then goes through the solid rear axle which carries a n aluminium pulley as well

Power is then transmitted further with unbreakable, module 1 steel gears

To avoid unwanted torsional flex, we created a “power box” around the motor, making this part of the chassis very stiff. To achieve this, the motor mounting plate is connected to the bearing-block of the spur gear shaft, to the chassis and to the mounting bracket of the topdeck

Even long custom made motors have enough room

We also took care of the motor. We created the room for a huge range of motor sizes.

The topdeck is creating enough stiffness for the whole chassis and carries the receiver, steering-servo and belt tensioner

The elevated speedo mounting plate gives stiffness for the battery plates and creates also room for oversized speedos. Even 1-5 scale speedos fit, a very popular choice in the dragster racing scene

The batteries are mounted on a 2.5mm thick carbon plate. They can be mounted in 3 different positions, changing the CG to alter the cars behaviour

Serpent Viper 989E
Designed by Michael Salven.