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> Serpent Viper 990E 4wd 1/8 EP (#904006)

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Electric cars > 1/8 onroad

The Serpent Viper 990E is the successor of the successful 988E/989E. We have spent a lot of testing and research to improve the former electric powered 1-8 platforms. We put a lot of emphasis on the flex characteristic since that showed very promising results. On top of that we improved weight, weight distribution and ease of maintenance. A lot of the development went into the transmission. The goal was to have a bullet-proved, yet very free transmission

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Mark Green reports BRCA round 5 at teh Halifax track (2023/08/30)


Hi Racers,

This is my 1st run with the new 990E , build was really great everything just screws together . I built the car , fit all electricís and set off to Halifax one of the best tracks in the UK for 8th racing , the weather for the weekend was not looking good at all but for a change it turned out much better.
On Saturday I was able to do 5 runs and the car was working great , I made a bit off a mess with the speedo settings but Paul Bellinger came and sorted that out, thanks Paul, there was a few more 990E at this race and they was also super fast with James Connolly and Michael Walton...

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15-06-23Serpent 990E Wins 1/8 Electric Track National and Top Junior Awards in Halifax!
17-05-23Serpent Viper 990E is ready to ship!!