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> Shock-absorber-set key FR+RR (#909440)

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Product Type:
General > Thread lock
Suitable for:
Serpent 710 4WD
Serpent 835 4WD 1/10 scale 235mm

Full set (4) of Serpents revolutionary 4-step shock absorbers. Featuring new keyed shock pistons and shafts this set comes with a set of yellow springs. Comes complete with assembly instructions.

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> Description

Serpent’s infamous 4-step externally adjustable shock absorbers have been upgraded to include keyed shock shafts. No more threading the piston to the top of the shaft, just simply press the piston on and attach the clip. Now when turning the shock rods to obtain a new dampening setting you will feel a reassuring click and any possibility of it slipping, under normal use, has been eliminated.

This is the full shock absorber set but you can also upgrade your current shock absorbers to include the latest keyed pistons and shafts.