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> Centax endplay tool (#909597) - DISCONTINUED

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Anodised aluminium Centax endplay tool. Also can be used to hold the flywheel from rotating when tightening the flywheel nut. Check www.Xceedrc.com

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Serpent is pleased to introduce this novel tool for measuring the endplay of your Centax clutch. In the form a gap gauge the tool is placed over the end screw with the bell housing attached. The elevated steps are then placed in the gap until the measurement is found, displayed in engraved numbers on the top. The user can then adjust the amount of endplay shims used on the clutch.

The end of the tool also features a way to hold the Centax flywheel whilst tightening the flywheel nut. It also works with any 2-pin flywheel. The anodised aluminium tool features an engraved Serpent logo.