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> IFMAR 1/8 offroad WC 2010

World Championships: 8-14th November 2010


8th - 14th November 2010

Pattaya, Thailand

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WC offroad: Eastons report on Thailand (2010/12/16)

Rc Powerboat Arena

The Ifmar World Championships were here again, only this time it was going to mark one of the most challenging Worlds Ever in 1.8th offroad buggy racing. The race was to be held in Pattaya,Thailand, at the RC Power Boat arena..This venue has one of the most grueling tracks known to man for offroad...

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WC offroad: Serpent Cobra Final report (2010/11/17)

IFMAR WC Offroad : Billy Easton takes 5th place in final with Serpent Cobra

Serpent is very proud with the achieved results at the 2010 IFMAR WC in Pattaya, Thailand. The small Serpent team with only 7 drivers did very well overall too.

Billy Easton is the highest ranking Serpent with a fantastic 5th place in the breath-taking 1 hour long final. Easton...

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WC offroad: Easton moves up tot the semi-final (2010/11/13)

A small update from the track in Pattaya Thailand.

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WC offroad: Easton moves up to Main final in 5th. (2010/11/13)

Dear Racers,

A small update from the Pattaya track in Thailand.
After the semi finals Billy Easton made it into the main final with his Serpent S811 Cobra.

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WC offroad: Results after the last round of qualifying at the WC offroad at the Pattaya track (2010/11/12)

Dear Racers,

Here are the results after the qualyfing rounds.
Billy Easton 25th
Chad Phillips 68th
Nicklass Brunsberg 75th
Jordan Go 94th
Le Hua Lin 108th
Clement Pancho 125th
Ka Yick Kwong 177th

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Last day of qualifying report for the WC offroad from Pattaya thailand (2010/11/11)

Dear Racers,

After round 5 Billy Easton is still the fastest Serpent car here.

He had a great 5th round with a 10th place, now he is overall 18th. Almost in the semi.

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WC offroad: Serpent Cobra drivers (2010/11/10)

Serpent is at the Worlds with a fairly small but active and well experienced team.

We like to introduce them to you here.

Start of with Billy Easton as team captain, being also the designer and tester of the Serpent Cobra.

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WC offroad: Easton in top 20 after 2 heats (2010/11/09)

Billy Easton is well on pace  being in 17th spot after 2 rounds of qualifying.

The Serpent Cobra is very stabile and the 2 heats were both good 13 lappers.

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WC Buggy: Thailand a go go (2010/11/07)

The WC practise has started and images and results are comming in.

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WC buggy: Easton/ Cobra ready to rock (2010/11/03)

Below an interview with Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, just before he heads out to Thailand to attend the IFMAR 2011 WC in Pattaya.

Also on this Cobra the new radiobox is fitted, but this one is skinned with a carbon-design, for looks.

At the worlds Billy will hold some Tech-talks for Serpent Cobra racers to share set-up and other race info. More...

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WC buggy: Brunsberg / Serpent Cobra with new radiobox, is ready to go (2010/11/02)

Niclas Brunsberg, Team Serpent Cobra driver from Sweden, will atttend the IFMAR Worlds in Thailand.

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