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> Silicone Diff Oil 3,000cst 50ml (#160003)

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General > Motor pinion

3,000cst Silicone diff oil in 50ml bottle for use in gear differentials.

> Description

Serpent is pleased to release its new line of Silicone diff oils. Available in different oil thicknesses, this diff oil has been specifically created for use with Serpents latest gear differentials for the Serpent 710. Each bottle contains 50ml of diff oil and features a pointed nozzle to aid the filling of the differential.

Additional Information

The Silicone Diff oil comes in a number of different oil thicknesses:

#160001 - 1,000cst
#160003 - 3,000cst
#160005 - 5,000cst
#160007 - 7,000cst
#160010 - 10,000cst
#160030 - 30,000cst